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Blue Archive introduces its main story update titled, Kyrie of the Forgotten Gods Part I

Catastrophe looms after the Eden Treaty incident!

A new plot event for the indie sensation Blue Archive, created by Nexon Korea Corp., has been launched. Nexon is a company engaged in the production, development, and operation of online games and Virtual Worlds. The title of this update in Blue Archive is Kyrie of the Forgotten Gods Part I. The Eden Treaty’s aftermath is examined in the Main Story update. When Seia abruptly loses consciousness, players will battle to keep the peace and avert disaster.

Explore the new Arius District and meet new students in Blue Archive

It’s time for the Arius District Exploration Guide Task. Complete Main Stories, Missions, and Lessons to earn Old Arius Badges. Collect 100 to earn Pyroxene x1,200 as a gift. New students affiliated with Arius Satellite School and Arius Squad, Misaki, and Hiyori, will be added.

Misaki is an Explosive-type Striker whose EX Skill deals damage over time that is proportional to her ATK to enemies within a circular range. Explosive-type Special Student Hiyori’s EX Skill fires artillery that deals damage proportional to her ATK to the first enemy it hits, decreasing that enemy’s DEF against every Arius Squad student in the unit.

Also, Commissions with currency dungeon content now have K difficulty, and the max account level has been raised to 80. The Main Story Mission Chapter 19 and T7 Equipment like the Bucket Hat and Arm Warmer have also been updated. Until Tuesday, January 3, 2022, Nexon will be holding five Double Rewards Campaigns, such as Lessons and Scrimmages, to celebrate the Main Story Update.

Are you excited about the Blue Archive main story update titled Kyrie of the Forgotten Gods Part I? Let us know in the comments below!

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