Brawl Stars September 2022 Brawl Talk: New Brawlers, Gears discount and Future update plans

New unlocked skins can be obtained too!

It is time for the Brawl Stars community to get back on track again as a big update is on its way. The latest episode of Brawl Talk for the month of September 2022 was recently uploaded on the official YouTube channel of Brawl Stars, where three hosts, Paula, Dani, and Frank from Supercell share all the new updates, features, and plans for the future of Brawl Stars. Let us see what is in store for the community.

Brawl Stars September 2022: Introducing two new Brawlers


Starting off with the first brawler, the developers have introduced Sam, a Chromatic brawler who is the second member of Belle’s trio. When equipped with his Knuckle Busters, his close-range attack becomes stronger, and also hits multiple enemies at the same time, provided they are within his range. One of the notable things is that Sam’s Super bar is always full when he has his Knuckle Busters equipped. Hence, Sam is the first brawler, who starts with his Super already available.

Brawl Stars September 2022 Brawl Talk new brawler sam
Image via Supercell

On activating his Super with the Knuckle Busters equipped, Sam throws them towards the direction he aims at, and damages everything that comes its way, whilst receiving a temporary speed buff. The Knuckle Busters return to Sam and damage everything on their way back when his Super is activated again.

To fill the Super bar, players must either follow the usual method of hitting their enemies or by collecting the Knuckle Busters again. Sam is no weaker without his Knuckle Busters. Without them, his attacks are less powerful but have a slightly faster rate of fire.


The second brawler, which will be released later in September, is Gus. Keeping aside his sketchy looks, Gus is a Support brawler with the ability to heal his teammates. He has an extra bar, which gets automatically filled, after every attack Gus hits. Once this bar gets filled, he drops a ghost on the map in his next attack, which heals his teammates upon touching it. There is no limit to this feature. Hence, players can make good use of it.

Brawl Stars September 2022 Brawl Talk new brawler gus
Image via Supercell

Gus’ Super allows him to create a shield that can be cast on his teammates or on himself. To cast it on teammates, one must hit their shot with precise aim. To use it on one’s self, one just has to tap on the Super button. Gus is a Super Rare brawler, hence, he can be easily found in any of the Brawl boxes.

Brawl Stars September 2022 Brawl Talk: New map and unlocked Skins

A new map, Robot Factory is introduced and is termed as the home of all those crazy robots from Starr Park. Since Sam has some personal beef with all the robots in Starr Park, he can be used in the Robot Factory to unleash his anger toward anyone that troubles him. This map is also available in Showdown.

Unlocked Skins after update

The developers of Brawl Stars haven’t missed out on any corners this time. The upcoming update comes with a load of brawler skins, which are as follows:

 mecha mortis
Image via Supercell
  • Caesar Sam skin (Brawl Pass tier 70)
  • Desperado Poco (Brawl Pass tier 1)
  • Lawless Lola (Power League skin)
  • Crowbone (Unlockable via Gems)
  • Moonbunny Squeak (Moon Festival Asia exclusive)
  • Stonks Pam
  • Mecha Mortis (299 Gem skin)
  • Trick or Treat Leon skin will be available around Halloween.

On purchasing Mecha Mortis 1 month before its launch, players will additionally receive a heap of rewards including Mortis’ Spray, Profile picture, and a whole set of pins. Not only that, but it will also unlock two color variations in the Shop for 49 Gems each. There are more skins to be released for Halloween, but the juice is stored for a later update.

New PvE mode features Pam and 8-BIT

To celebrate the launch of yet another 3D animation featuring Pam and 8-BIT, Brawl Stars is coming up with a new PvE mode. This mode revolves around keeping 8-BIT alive. Players must collect coins that are spread across the map, and protect 8-BIT from the wave of bots that will target the brawler. This mode will be played with a team of four. It is highly recommended for them to have an eye over 8-BIT, as he walks randomly around the map. The player loses if 8-BIT falls, and wins if he survives till the end.

Players can now swap brawlers in Power League

One of the best updates to the Power League is players can now request, or receive a request to swap a Brawler in the preparation screen. Players can accept if they are all good with swapping the Brawler, and reject if otherwise. This way, players can swap the brawler so as to provide a player with the brawler, which he’s best at.

Brawl Stars September 2022 Brawl Talk: Other upcoming updates

While we have discussed the major updates that are on the way, we also have some other updates to take note of:

  • All robots are remodeled, they now look more polished, and shiny.
  • Trophy reset is now 8 weeks long, in order to make it in line with the Brawl Pass Seasons.
  • Owing to the Brawl Stars’ partnership, players can now support their favorite Esports teams by obtaining their profile pictures and pins from the Shop.
  • New Challenges and Quests with new Sprays and profile pictures as rewards.
  • New gadgets for Buzz and Griff.
  • Gears’ price reduction.

Plans for the future: Gears, Weekend modes, and more

A special segment of the Brawl Talk video lies towards the fifth minute of the video, where Frank is shown as a messenger from the future and talks about the future of Brawl Stars, where he specifies the trouble they have been facing in recent times regarding the Gears. The Brawl Stars community has been absolutely upset about the release of Gears which has been said to be the WORST feature ever released by the title, due to several reasons such as the extremely high cost, time taken to upgrade, and a lot more.

future plans
Image via Supercell

Having received little to no updates ever since the introduction of Gears back in November 2021, Supercell has finally decided to rework the Gears. The update on Gears, which will be effective from the update in the month of October, will contain the following:

  • Reduction in the price of craft Gear and Gear Levels by 50% by reducing the number of required Scraps and Tokens.
  • Additional and more specific Gear to be added that won’t be usable for all Brawlers.
  • Coins will play a vital role in unlocking Gears in the future. This further allows players to fully re-spec their Gears after the arrival of the update in October.
  • All existing Scraps, Gear Tokens, and already crafted Gears will be reimbursed to players in the form of Coins.
  • Refunds will be based on the total amount of Scraps and Gear Tokens collected since the introduction of Gears in the game.

Rework on Existing PvE Weekend Modes

Moving on, Frank speaks about the PvE Weekend modes being not as fun as before. He has added that they will be replaced by a new and more dynamic PvE system which will introduce new features. These features include:

  • Multiple stages
  • Persistent power-ups
  • Different environments
  • New kinds of enemies and enemy bosses.

Speaking about the plans beyond October, Frank says it is uncertain at the moment, although they have a few topics they wish to deal with, one of them being the reliance on luck in the progression system to unlock brawlers. Frank adds that the developers wish to expand the Brawlers’ information to the players, so as to ensure that they are aware of how and when they can unlock a certain Brawler, as well as which Brawler they would like to upgrade. Some other topics that take the majority of the developers’ focus are as follows:

  • Improvement of playing certain Brawlers
  • Concept of Mastery
  • Matchmaking
  • Better ways to collect cosmetics and show them off.
  • Tools to share cool moments in the game on social media.
  • Ways to recruit friends
  • Report option (expected sooner than the rest)

Final Thoughts

With just as many updates as mentioned above, one cannot help but stare at excitement. Players would now be eagerly waiting for the update in October to witness a whole new version of Gears in Brawl Stars, for the better, along with all the other massive updates that are being rolled out at the same time.

What are your thoughts about September 2022 Brawl Talk in Brawl Stars? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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