Brawl Stars March 2023 Brawl Talk: New brawlers, Mastery System, new skins and more

Time to solve the Mystery at the Hub!

With the onset of the latest Brawl Talk held by the Supercell developers, Brawl Stars is introducing its latest season, Mystery at the Hub. With the new season, developers are introducing two new brawlers in the game, R-T and Willow. Along with the new brawlers which are introduced, there is a new skinline in the current update, the Ayakashi clan along with a license to the skins. Let us discuss the March 2023 Brawl Talk in Brawl Stars in detail.

Brawl Stars March 2023 Brawl Talk: New Brawlers


R-T is the newest Chromatic Brawler. He’s a surveillance robot helping to actually solve The Mystery at the Hub. R-T has attention to everything that happens at Starr Park, accessing all of Starr Park’s hidden cameras.

R-T keeps data on every Brawler out there. So, if players do need any secret Brawler intel, check with R-T! If R-T’s main attack hits the target, it’ll give it a mark. When marked, the target will get more damage from any attack going their way. Once the target gets damaged, the mark gets removed. It is also possible to mark multiple targets simultaneously.

Image via Supercell

It is a good idea to hit Brawlers on the other lanes to help your team out! For his Super, R-T splits in two, so his legs stay wherever the super was used, and then players can control his upper body. R-T’s attack then changes to a circle area around him, and every time R-T’s upper body attacks, the lower half will do the same. Therefore, players can control two zones at the same time!

R-T marks targets in both forms. When players use the Super again, R-T will return to his assembled mode and heal himself. R-T becomes some sort of dark wizard with the Crimson R-T Skin. Once the skin is equipped, if the Super is triggered, RT gets a bit spookier because of the tentacles and stuff. R-T also gets a 29 gems skin, namely, Patrol R-T, that gives him some police sirens. Players can make sure everyone at Starr Park follows the law.


Willow is a mythic Brawler and part of a new trio. She is the guardian of the Tunnel of Love, which is in the swamp area next to Mortis’ Mortuary. Willow manipulates people with the things they love. She throws her lantern at her targets, and they work similarly to Barley’s attack.

Image via Supercell

Except that when they hit their target, they deliver poison damage over time. Things get interesting with her Super. She throws one of her tadpoles into her target’s mind, taking control over the enemy Brawler for a period of time. Players can use normal attacks, but they can’t use their Super or Gadgets. To escape Willow’s mind control, one can wait until the effect ends, and then defeat Willow while she’s controlling someone, or attack the Brawler who is under control.

If the controlled Brawler gets low Health, they can free themselves. When Willow controls a Brawler, she fully heals them. Therefore, the controlled Brawler cannot be defeated. Therefore, players must use it wisely because it can backfire!

Willow will be released in early April with her 29 Gems Skin, Axl Willow. Players must remember that once she’s out, she can start unlocking her, right away, on Starr road!

Brawl Stars March 2023 Brawl Talk: Mastery System

Mastery is here and it will be replacing the old XP system. Every Brawler has a Mastery track. There, you can collect coins, power points, credits, unique cosmetics, and sometimes Chroma credits. As players have been asking for more coins, developers have been rewarded 1750 coins per brawler, which equals to be a lot.

Brawl Stars March 2023 Brawl Talk Mastery System
Image via Supercell

To make progress in each Mastery track, players can just collect Mastery Points by winning matches with a specific Brawler. In this system, players can never lose progress, so eventually, everyone will get to the highest tier. The number of Mastery Points that one gets is directly proportional to how many Trophies that players have with the Brawler being used or your Power League or Club League Rank. The higher a Trophy Tier or Rank is, the more Mastery points you get.

How does Mastery System work

The Mastery system is designed to take into account that the more Trophies they have, the harder the games will be. Players will also probably have longer matchmaking times. Since they’re more at play, players will also earn more points per victory. It is quite easy to progress in Mastery, but it’s not fast.

It should take around 48 hours to complete a Mastery track for one single Brawler. There is also a cap on how many Mastery Points they can collect in a single day. Players must not worry as to reach that cap, they have to play an unhealthy amount of Brawl. Probably, it is also a good reminder to take a break, if you reach the cap.

When players complete the Mastery track, they will get a new item called Title. Titles go under your name on the new Battle Start screen. If players master Mortis, they’ll get the Creature of the Night Title. If they can master Lola, players will get the Drama Queen title, and so on. Once they unlock a Title, they can use it with any Brawler.

Players can make progress on Mastery in Power League, Club League, and Trophy matches. Players cannot progress on map maker, friendly matches, and challenges. Mastery goes live as soon as the update drops.

Brawl Stars March 2023 Brawl Talk: Game modes, New Maps, and more

Basket Brawl and Duels are now permanent! They share the same Game slot, thus slot will be changing daily, between the two Game modes. Players also have a bunch of new Maps for every Game mode.

All of the things that players have collected throughout the years, and now you finally can; at the beginning of each match. Whenever the match begins, players will see the new Battle Start Screen. Everyone will see the skin, the player profile picture, a pin, the Fame, the Mastery Level, and a Title.

Players can customize most of them and decide if they want to customize it per Brawler or show the same options every match. These will also help in Showdown because now players can take a quick glimpse at all the Brawlers in the match. Some of those items will also show up on your Profile Page and one can also customize them.

Brawl Stars March 2023 Brawl Talk: New skins

El Mayordomo Primo is available in the first tier of the Brawl Pass. Bull gets an evil cat skin and turns into Alleycat Bull. They seem to be the big boss of this operation. Piper uses a fancy dress and a high-tech “gunbrella” for her Mariposa Piper Skin. Detective Gray gets a bit more color and a proper finger gun. He also has a color variation for this Skin. There is also a group of skins, named the Ayakashi Clan!

Brawl Stars March 2023 Brawl Talk Ayakashi Clan skins
Image via Supercell
  • Kitsune Lola: Inspired by traditional Japanese masks, players will have this skin with a fox mask, a fox gun, but the classic charming Lola.
  • Oni Otis: Street artist by day, evil spirit by night.
  • Tengu Mike Skin: Dynamike’s explosions get a bit more magical

Skins without a group

  • Bell Nani
  • Carpet Rider Carl
  • Popstar Janet Skin
  • Spirit Knight Frank

Tanuki Jessie and Summer Jessie will be the first set of skins getting their remodel, whereas other skins will be remodeled later. Bunny Penny and Dark Bunny Penny are also getting a new remodel, which will now match Penny’s current design.

What are your thoughts about March 2023 Brawl Talk in Brawl Stars? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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