Brawl Stars May 2022 Brawl Talk: Stunt Show Environment, Two new brawlers, new game mode and more

Brawl Stars has announced Season 12 of the Brawl Pass, Stunt Show. With the announcement of the May 2022 Brawl Talk, Brawl Stars brings two brawlers, a new environment, a brand-new seasonal game mode, and quality of life changes. In this article, we will look at all the announcements for the upcoming Season 12 in Brawl Stars.

Brawl Stars Season 12: Stunt Show

Brawl Stars May 2022 Brawl Talk stunt season
Image via Supercell Games

The new season is titled Stunt Show and it introduces the players to a new environment. The latest environment is the area of the park where Stu and other brawlers in his trio perform their breathtaking stunts in Starr Park. This season, players will get to meet other brawlers who are part of the Stunt trio along with Stu along with season-themed skins for various existing brawlers.

Brawl Stars May 2022 Brawl Talk: Two new brawlers 


Janet is an acrobat and a singer who performs in the Stunt park using her jetpack. She is the star of the show, who deals damage to the enemy using her loud notes when she sings. Her attack changes the shape of the cone based on how long players hold the attack. Releasing the attack quickly will deal damage to a short-range, but a wide attack while holding it for some time will increase the range but make it very narrow.

Brawl Stars May 2022 Brawl Talk janet
Image via Supercell Games

Her attacks pierce through targets and deal damage at all attack ranges. Using her super Janet activates her jetpack and flies in the air for 7 seconds, where she can deal damage to the enemies while being invincible. Janet will be a part of the Brawl Pass and like the previous seasons will be unlocked at Tier 30.


Bonnie is Janet’s younger sister, who is one of the most daring brawlers in the game, as she performs death-defying stunts using her canon. Janet has two forms that are similar to Meg and she can switch between them using her Super. The difference between her and Meg is that Bonnie’s super is just used to switch between forms, while Meg in her Mecha form deals damage using her super.

In her base form, she has very high health, long-ranged attack, and a slow movement speed. She only has one ammo in Canon form and between attacks. There is a small delay similar to Bea. Using her super, she throws herself from her Cannon dealing damage, when she lands. In her melee form, she gains movement speed, and damage while her attack range and health are decreased. Bonnie in her melee range, does splash damage in a small area of effect, which makes her great in dealing with multiple enemies, in close proximity. On using her super Bonnie, it is switched back to her Cannon form.

New Game Mode: Bolt Drop

Brawl Stars May 2022 Brawl Talk new game mode
Image via Supercell

A new 3v3 game mode is being added to the game, for the duration of the upcoming season. The objective of the game mode is to collect bolts that will drop on killing the bots that carry them. One must beware though, as these bots have a lot of hitpoints and will attack the player who attacked them last. The game mode lasts for 2 minutes and the team that collects 8 bolts and first wins the match.

Brawl Stars May 2022 Brawl Talk: New skins, Pins, and Sprays 

Ten new skins will be introduced with the update. Five skins are based on the new environment, three skins are based on the theme of enemies of the Starr Force.

Upcoming skins

  • Biker Carl (Brawl Pass exclusive – Tier 1)
  • Valkyrie Janet (Brawl Pass exclusive – Tier 70)
  • Crash Test Darryl (Power League Skin)
  • Monster Truck Meg
  • Pyro Spike
  • Daruma Mr.P
  • Tempest Tara
  • Overlord Byron
  • Galaxy Storm Lola
  • Empress Bonnie
Brawl Stars May 2022 Brawl Talk upcoming skins
Image via Ash Brawl Stars
  • Overlord Byron, Galaxy Storm Lola, and Empress Bonnie will have a special challenge each released in-game which will reward players with exclusive pins and profile pictures. Supercell will also be releasing a set of True Silver and True Gold skins for Ash, Meg, Lola, Belle, and Stu. Moreover other than the new skins, more animated pins are also going to be added. 
  • A new cosmetic is being added to the game, Sprays. Similar to pins these can be used in matches and these place a temporary pattern on the ground. Players are given three free to start with and more will be available on the trophy road.

Brawl Stars May 2022 Brawl Talk: Other changes 

  • Amber, Meg, and Jacky are getting their second gadgets.
  • As revealed earlier, Power League is getting a new ban system and brawler suggestions is under work.
  • Resistance is getting reworked to vision gear which will allow players to see enemy brawlers whom they hit in bushed or when they are invisible for 1 second on level 1.
  • New Brawl Ball Map Tile: Bumpers. Hitting these will bounce the ball.
  • Improved new player journey with two weeks of daily rewards
  • New profile pictures in the shop
  • New esports pin to be gained from making BSC predictions.

That’s it from the latest Brawl Talk!

What are your thoughts about May 2022 Brawl Talk in Brawl Stars? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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