Brawl Stars Power League is getting much-needed changes and improvements

Brawl stars brings changes to improve gameplay!

Brawl Stars Power League competitive game mode is getting two changes after being in the game for over a year. One change is coming soon, while the other is will be coming in the update after the next one. The changes will make their way to Club League. Here we break down the changes coming to Power League and their impact on the gameplay

Brawl Stars changes coming to Power League

One Ban per player

A coin toss happens during the ban phase, which decides who among the two team leaders will pick the ban first for their teams. The banning phase will now allow all players to pick one ban of their own. The banning phase will remain blind, meaning that players will be able to see what brawlers their teammates are choosing to ban, but the opponent’s picks will not be visible. 

Power League changes
Image via Supercell Games

Players won’t be able to ban the same brawler as their teammates, but enemy teams can have the same bans. A random brawler will be selected if players don’t ban or pick a brawler in the stipulated time.

Brawler Suggestions

A highly requested feature brawler suggestion in Power League is coming to the game in the future. Suggesting brawlers during the picking phase will work in the same way, as the suggestion screen in the brawler selection screen, when playing in a team. The suggestions will be shown on the side of the screen. Players can suggest a Brawler, even after they’ve selected brawlers for themselves.

Power League changes: Impact on Gameplay

With these changes, Power League is now unlocked for players having at least 12 brawlers and 4,500 Trophies and above. A minimum of 3 brawlers will be banned now, with maximum bans being 6. These will benefit both the competitive and casual players. In addition suggesting brawlers will be helpful when solo queuing and players are playing in teams without being on a communication channel, increasing team synergy. 

Each player will have more flexibility and a higher say in the team selection with individual bans. Another reason behind this move by Supercell is to make action among all players consistent to make it more precise and intuitive.

Supercell wanted to add more bans to make matches versatile by banning the top brawlers in the meta and countering strong team compositions. The team aimed to increase the number of bans while not surging the time in the banning phase time, so they have resorted to one ban per player. Currently, there are 55 brawlers in the game, with more brawlers coming with each update. Having just two bans made little sense since, on some maps and modes, having the first picks gave an unfair advantage to the team that won the toss.

Some players voiced their concern that six bans are too much on social media platforms, but since the same brawlers can be banned across teams, having six unique bans will be statistically low. Since a minimum of 3 brawlers is guaranteed, 3-4 bans will be the most common scenario players face. Dani, Brawl Stars community manager, also shared his opinion in a tweet and assured that future fixes would come if players find the feature not optimal.

These changes are coming in the future, but have been announced in advance to allow players to adapt, especially in competitive scenes. These are the only improvements in the plan, but the developers are working upon more unannounced changes.

What are your thoughts about Power League changes in Brawl Stars? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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