Brawl Stars WKBRL stream August 2021: Starr Park Lore, future updates, and upcoming Brawl Talk date

Brawl Talk scheduled for the 21st of this month.

Brawl Stars is a strategy-based real-time action mobile game by Supercell. Brawl Stars is famous for releasing new content consistently to keep players busy while keeping the experience fresh. The lore in regards to various characters was a part of the game during its beta phase but was subsequently removed from the game post-global release. Supercell then surprised everyone last year with the WKBRL stream and other easter eggs in Brawl Stars during the same time, the latest edition of which we see in August 2021. The stream was followed by Brawl Talk that showed how the environment (Starr Park) where brawlers fight and interact came to existence.

Recently, the WKBRL stream came live again and instantly became the talk of the town in community since it teases upcoming content. The new stream was renamed to WKBRL: The voice that hears you. The stream, transmitted live from Starr Park, is usually maintained by the distressed employees from the amusement park.

The employees formed a group named S.P.U.D.E. which stands for Starr Park Union of Distressed Employees and are responsible for sharing insider information with respect to the functioning of the theme park and are trying to warn us of the mishappenings in Starr Park. There is also a website maintained by S.P.U.D.E. that gives players a glimpse into Starr Park. 

This time the stream consists of weather updates, music, and talk shows with various guests as opposed to just warnings in the last year’s stream.

Brawl Stars WKBRL stream August 2021: What we know so far

After analyzing over 120 clips, hearing the clips forwards and backward from the stream we and the theory crafters of the community have gleaned the following details :

  • The stream is for the people working at Starr Park and occasionally sirens can be heard addressing security checks. The people who listen to the stream are monitored by the radio station employees, hence the name “The voice that hears you”. References to the old old stream and Project Laser are also made.
  • KairosTime was also found in the stream when we hear a voice making allegations against him.
  • The stream also gets philosophical at points where the people are talking about happiness. We even heard the song in reverse to reveal the speaker talking about how to obtain happiness. The stream also repeatedly reminds the listeners to keep smiling.
  • The weather reports have progressively become creepier and more insane where the speaker rants about philosophy of perception. The voice sometimes breaks up and becomes robotic, which leads us to think that no real people are working at the radio station but instead robots are operating the work. We can also hear maniacal laughter in between songs.
  • The stream runs in a loop and the loop has been getting shorter which means the end of the stream may be approaching. 

Brawl Stars update date and what to expect

The date of the Brawl Talk was teased on the banner of the WKBRL YouTube channel. On the top right corner of the banner, there is the text “Scheduled Broadcast: 021-A” which is the 21st of this month, since Season 7 of the Brawl Pass is going to last till the end of this month and the brawl talk is usually around 1 week before the update goes live.

The bad randoms song which was recently released also teases the date for the brawl talk at the 55-second mark. where you will see a poster on the right side of the stairs. The text on the poster says Brawl Talk 21/08.

Brawl Stars WKBRL Stream
The Bad Randoms Song

The new brawl pass will most probably go live on August 31 2021 based on the previous track record where the new season pass goes live after server reset on the last day of the previous season, while the update usually drops 4-5 days before the end of the current season. 

Brawl Stars WKBRL Stream
The Brawl Stars graphic which hints at the castle theme

In the above image, we can see a castle behind Jessie which is also referenced by the imposter KairosTime while he is trying to prove that KairosTime is the fake Kairos. The castle is also hinted at by an image posted on social media handles of Brawl Stars.

There are already skins in the game that belong to this environment, like Mecha Paladin Surge, King Lou, etc. Also, the winner of the Supercell makes challenge was a gladiator skin. There are also some images on the Starr Park website hinting towards the castle theme. So it’s highly likely that the theme of the next update is based on a castle.

In the videos, KairosTime is defending Starr Park by saying that nothing wrong happens in the amusement park and countering the points presented by KairosTime after last year’s stream. KairosTime is a deep fake of the real Kairos and seems brainwashed by the park management team.

The above image teases two things: The first is the bad randoms event, which was released on the 17th, as shown in the image. Other than that we can see that the board represents the different brawler families in the game. Currently, Buzz (Velocirapids), Belle (Gold Arm Gang) Starr Force, and the superhero trios are incomplete. So we can expect some of them to be completed in the upcoming update. Jessie’s backpack looks a bit different which, according to some of the community members, is an indication of a remodel. Frank, the game lead of Brawl Stars also hinted at remodels for Penny, Jessie, Phoenix Crow, and the robots in a tweet.

One new brawler is guaranteed as every brawl pass is complimented by a chromatic brawler but since this update is followed by the yearly break that Supercell employees take, which is accompanied by the hyped WKBRL stream, players can expect 2 brawlers. KairosTime and Lex both have hinted at one brawler each. 

We can also expect traits for other brawler classes as well as new animated pins for the existing brawlers. True silver and true gold skins and second gadgets for the remaining brawlers along with new skins for the upcoming theme are expected as well. Lastly, balance changes are going to come in which we can definitely expect a buff for Squeak while some nerfs to Stu.

That’s all you need to know about the August 2021 WKBRL stream in Brawl Stars! Make sure to comment below!

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