Brawl Stars Buzz Guide: Tips and tricks to master the new brawler

New Chromatic brawler in Brawl Stars!

With the onset of Brawl Stars Season 7, we have two new brawlers coming in Brawl Stars. One of them is Buzz, who is a chromatic brawler. At a first look, Buzz looks like just another short-range brawler. Delving a bit deeper, we can also see that Buzz has unique mechanics that differentiate him from his counterparts. In this article, we will guide you through the different abilities and the tips and tricks to master the newest brawler, Buzz in Brawl Stars.

New Character: Buzz

Class: Assassin (Buzzassin)

Buzz: Newest brawler in Brawl Stars

Buzz is the lifeguard at Velocirapids. He constantly scans for folks in trouble where he can throw his torpedo buoy to. Although, his throws are rather overenthusiastic. Buzz can be obtained after reaching tier 30 of the current brawl pass of Season 7, which is Jurassic Splash.

How to unlock Buzz in Brawl Stars

Buzz is a chromatic Brawler which is the highest level of rarity. He’ll be very rare in random boxes. But throughout the Jurassic Splash season, which will last for 70 days, the players who own a premium pass will be able to unlock the Brawler upon reaching tier 30.

The battle pass method should be complete after a few weeks of completing both daily quests. If one does not have much time to play, it will be easier to earn more XP at the end of the season, when all seasonal quests will be up. Players, who do not own a premium pass, will have to believe in your luck and hope to get him in a random box.

Abilities of Buzz

Brawl Stars Buzz Guide
Abilities of Buzz in Brawl Stars

Attack : Buzz Off

Buzz has a short-range fast attack consisting of 5 punches that can pierce through enemies. This means he can deal damage to multiple enemies at once. His attacks start from the left and move towards the right.

Super : Torpedo Throw

Buzz has a unique super using which he latches onto enemies or walls and pulls himself towards the target. When Buzz reaches its target, it stuns the enemy brawler based on the distance from where his super was activated. The minimum stun is 0.5 seconds and the maximum stun is 1.5 seconds. His super can allow him to travel through walls similar to Carl’s projectile.

Gadget : Reserve Buoy

Buzz’s super will be charged instantly. But his super does not stun the enemy. The gadget can be used up to 3 times per match.

Star Power : Tougher Torpedo

The star power would charge Buzz’s super instantly. But, his super does not stun the enemy. The gadget can be used up to 3 times per match.

Star Power : Eyes Sharp

The Star power’s Super ability charging area is increased by 33%.

Tips and tricks to master Buzz in Brawl Stars

In this section of the Buzz Guide, we will discuss the tips and tricks to master the newest brawler in Brawl Stars.

Brawl Stars Buzz Guide
Buzz attacks in Brawl Stars
  • To master buzz attacks, one needs to strafe with the brawler’s attack. His attack pattern is similar to Bo’s attack. Mastering Buzz will help maximize the damage potential. The damage potential would cover more area, which moves towards the right and move towards left to hit in a straight line.
  • On maps with lots of walls buzz’s trait of charging super passively comes in handy as he can charge his super quickly. His gadget can be used for mobility to gain control of choke points.
  • While using super on tanks it is important to pay attention to their ammo as they can take advantage of their health and kill buzz. Also with the update giving tanks super based on the damage they take, buzz can be left vulnerable against them. To counter this try to super on tanks from the max range for longer stun and in most situations only super onto tanks when they are at low health or you have support from teammates to kill the enemy.
  • It is easy to chain supers with buzz if used correctly. To quickly charge supers it is important to target brawlers with low health or low DPS capabilities. The super can also stun multiple enemies so look out for opportunities to do so.
  • In maps with lots of bushes, his trait can be used to scout for enemies as his trait lets him charge his super even on enemies who are not visible.
  • Eyes sharp star power, which is unreleased as of now. It can be used on maps in which longer-range brawlers are viable since it allows buzz to charge his super which he can then use to counter those long-range brawlers. Also, the larger area on grassy maps gives more scouting ability.

Tier List


  • Brawl Ball
  • Siege
  • Solo Showdown
  • Duo Showdown


  • Gem Grab
  • Knockout


  • Bounty
  • Heist
  • Hot Zone

These are all you can keep in mind while playing with Buzz in Brawl Stars! What are your thoughts on our Buzz Guide in Brawl Stars? Make sure to comment below!

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