Breaking Gates is now available on Android as early access

The mobile version keeps getting more and more interesting platformer titles. It took some time, but it’s finally available. Breaking Gates a challenging action-platformer game and is now available for Android users. From FredBear developers who are currently hoping to get a ton of feedback and players from the early access.

Breaking Gates offers a cartoon-ish gameplay style

The gameplay is action-filled, and players will get to explore several stages where they’ll get the necessary resources that are needed in other to build new equipment and face off against powerful bosses.

The game is presented in a the form of a cute, and cartoon-ish style that players will find to be both bright, and cheerful as they await the full launch.

In-game equipment will be available

The game also offers a considerable amount of usable equipment up to 50, and more. Therefore players can collect different materials and use them to craft new equipment.

Conversely, you will have access to more than 100 pieces of gears that you can create as well. And each of them will offer a different kind of attribute bonus. Combined with legendary weapons that will make it less difficult for you when going head to head against any boss.

breaking gates

Breaking Gates comes with Controller Support

Not a lot of platformer titles add controller support as a feature, which is what makes Breaking Gates stand out amongst most platformer games out there. The controller support enables players to control the hero more comfortably and offers a different outlook to a platformer game.

Release date and availability of Breaking Gates

Breaking Gates is a game that combines dynamic gameplay and creates a new experience for players as they explore the map. Breaking Gates is currently available as early access for Android. There’s no word on the ios release yet. So, if you’re on android, you can download the game right now, play, and give some helpful feedback to the makers. The game is a free-to-play platformer with in-app purchases.

Are you excited to play Breaking Gates as it is available for early access in Android? Let us know in the comment section below!

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