BRIXITY is Cookie Run maker’s new city-building game in pre-registration; Global release on August 24

Rebuild Earth in BRIXITY!

The upcoming mobile game BRIXITY, created by Studio Kingdom, the international publisher’s development studio behind the well-known Cookie Run franchise, has received its global debut date and pre-registration announcement from Devsisters. Pre-registration for the brand-new sandbox city-building game, which launches globally on August 24th, is now open.

“We are immensely proud of the remarkable growth CookieRun: Kingdom has achieved. Our game’s success has laid a solid foundation for us to embark on an exciting new journey. We are excited to share our new game, BRIXITY,” said Eunji Lee & Kihlyeon Cho, co-CEOs, of Studio Kingdom.

Build your own dream city and restore the earth in BRIXITY

In the brand-new sandbox city-building game BRIXITY, players are tasked with rebuilding the Earth after it collapsed 500 years ago while having access to “Pipos” to let them design their own city. Players have a lot of freedom to design entire cities, construct enormous skyscrapers, invite new Pipos to visit and enjoy creations that are only restricted by their imagination. Anyone will be able to create the city of their dreams thanks to the useful blueprint-sharing tool.

Brixity pre-registration
Image via Devsisters

Pipos are helpful residents with a special purpose for healing Earth. They labour at numerous buildings, which aids in the development of the city. Third-person city exploration is possible, as is engaging in lively conversations with Pipos to learn more about their characters. Pipos provide the city-building experience more complexity and immersion, creating a living environment where player and NPC tales are intertwined in BRIXITY.

Players can now pre-register for the early access event and obtain exciting rewards

After pre-registering on the BRIXITY website, players of Cookie Run: Kingdom and Cookie Run: OvenBreak can receive in-game goods. They can also build their own BRIXITY characters on the pre-registration page for a unique space flight ticket event that is now taking place.

Devsisters Brixity
Image via Devsisters

Future city builders can now register for the game’s Early Access event until August 7th in addition to pre-registration. BRIXITY’s Early Access Event will be available to a select group of players from August 10 until August 21 only for Android devices. Progress made by Early Access users and in-app purchases will transfer to the final release.

Architects can visit the BRIXITY store and pre-register on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store until August 7th. A limited-edition outfit called the “Best Student Academy Outfit” will be given to everyone who pre-registers on the Google Play and Apple App Store for their avatars. Additionally, participants will receive extra benefits including master-grade Pipos, different gacha vouchers, and stuff if specific pre-registration goals are met.

What are your thoughts as the new Devsisters title BRIXITY begins pre-registration? Let us know in the comment section below!

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