Call of Dragons: Farlight Games brings Giant Bear as the new behemoth in the game

Call of Dragons, the newest fantasy MMOSLG game from LEGOU Games and Farlight Games —developers of the hugely successful mobile games Rise of Kingdoms and Dislyte rains down fiery assault from the sky on Android and iOS devices this spring. Farlight Games is now bringing the Giant Bear, one of the new Behemoths to Call of Dragons.

Call of Dragons is a love letter to the kinds of classic fantasy games the development team grew up playing. But while it’s a fantasy game through and through, it’s designed to be incredibly realistic, with multi-civilization battlegrounds and a 3D map that is 3.88 million square kilometers and filled with diverse biomes and types of terrain. The colorful characters you take into every fight, and their positions in the field will determine who has the upper hand – the fire-breathing beast in tow or not. 

Encounter gigantic Behemoths including Giant Bear, throughout the land of Tamaris

Throughout the realm of Tamaris, you’ll come across enormous Behemoths like the Big Bear, where you’ll need to put your acquired talents to use and tame wild animals to battle alongside you.

Call of Dragons Rule the World
Image via Farlight Games

You must carefully plan the movement of their legions as well as the timing of the Healing Manastone drops! The Big Bear and other wild behemoths can be called upon during battle and will give bonuses to activities like research, construction, and gathering once they have been caught.

While it may have appeared easier to tame the Giant Bear in the trailer, there are other Behemoths in Call of Dragons you’ll come across throughout the world, including wild Hydras, Thunder Rocs, and terrifying Dragons, which will keep you on your toes and, if you can manage to tame them, give you an advantage on the battlefield.

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