Call of Dragons Season 2 brings two new characters, updated in-game content, and more

Warriors of Tamaris, raise your swords once more!

Farlight Games, known for their immensely popular RPG Dislyte, expresses great excitement as they unveil the commencement of Season 2 in the highly successful fantasy conquest title, Call of Dragons. This new season, which begins with a comprehensive reset, offers players the opportunity to immerse themselves in fresh adventures and savor an array of novel features. These include the introduction of a new playable hero, the addition of a formidable Artifact, and the debut of an entirely new gameplay mode. Call of Dragons is accessible on both PC and mobile platforms.

Call of Dragons Season 2: Key Highlights

Here is everything coming with Season 2 of Call of Dragons:

Meet Theodore

A heavily armored knight hailing from the League of Orders, Theodore holds a prestigious rank as a hero and has recently been honored with the title of Consul of Aurion.

Meet Forondil

Call of Dragons Season 2 - new heroes (Theodore and Forondil)
Image via Farlight Games

A druid with a warrior’s heart, Forondil‘s lineage ties him to the art of Druidry, but his life has been marked by the scars of war, making him an outcast. He harnesses his shapeshifting abilities to forge his own destiny and has been entrusted with surveillance missions, lending support to Tamaris’ reinforcements, all while keeping a vigilant watch over the enigmatic Fourth Plague.


An unassuming Forest Eagle Feather has emerged as a newfound Artifact, concealing its remarkable power known as the Oath of Stormpeak beneath its delicate exterior. This formidable talisman finds its true potential when wielded by Cavalry Heroes, as it grants them the ability to summon an exact replica of their Legion, dealing 90% damage while enduring a staggering 1600% of enemy attacks.

Prove Yourself

In the second season of Call of Dragons, a thrilling addition called the Proving Grounds has been introduced. This innovative gameplay mode encourages members of Alliance teams to unite in their quest to capture ancient Ancestor Statues. This is achieved through the defeat of Dwarven Guardians and fellow Alliance players, all while accumulating valuable points.

Fog of War

Embracing the fresh spirit of the upcoming season, every player’s account will undergo a complete reset. This reset entails the dissolution of Alliances established during Season 1. However, there’s a grace period of seven days during which former Alliance comrades can reconnect and form new bonds for the camaraderie of Season 2.

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