Call of Dragons showcases new gameplay video ahead of launch

The trailer looks promising!

The developers of the wildly successful techno-pop gacha RPG DislyteFarlight Games, have announced their brand-new MMOSLG title Call of Dragons has exploded onto the mobile gaming landscape, bringing with it both fire and brimstone. Call of Dragons has just released another gameplay video that features intense computer-simulated conflicts in a vast, abundant magic-focused universe and is brought to us by Legou Games and Farlight Games, the creators of Rise of Kingdoms. Call of Dragons is an experience as legendary as the dragons themselves because it combines strong PVP mechanics with rich high-fantasy mythology.

Defeat enemies using a fleet of mighty dragons in Call of Dragons

The huge continent of Tamaris, where the game is set, is home to a variety of landscapes, charming towns, perilous tunnels, and endless wonders. In the villages, players can start their numerous quests while mingling with and learning about the various races and groups.

The three factions that players can join are our League of Order, Springwardens, and Wilderburg, and they are all featured in the teaser. Discover mini-games, side missions, and Song Fragments while exploring towns. These fragments of ancient music explain the history of Tamaris and add to the game’s fascinating storylines.

Call of Dragons gameplay video

Dragons are, of course, the major attraction! Send the powerful monsters sweeping over the battlefield to change the course of the conflict. By overpowering and seizing them from adversary troops as well as on the battlefield, players can tame bosses and add them to their alliance.

Slay enemy wyverns, resolve clan disputes, and pursue the ultimate goal—the subjugation of the imperial dragon—using these powerful companions. Here are the key features of Call of Dragons:

  • Conquer New Heights: Use flying legions to travel over vast mountain ranges and endless seas. Players can also engage in collaborative 3D battles both on land and in the air using their mighty dragon mounts. Those who rule the skies rule the battlefield!
  • Strategy is Key: Command up to five legions at once! Battle solo in PvE, or team up with other players in true PVP fashion to unleash powerful magic to turn the tides of battle, engaging in epic 40-player dungeons and slaying mythical creatures.
  • Everyone Lends a Hand: Everyone in the alliance is the key to success, and each character’s contribution is visible, tangible, and notable. As they say, “it takes a village!”.
  • Master of Dragons: Tame mighty fire-breathing behemoths by defeating them in battle, and training them to become loyal guardians and deadly airborne weapons of destruction! Summon your scaled beasts in PVP combat to unleash fiery terror that can easily clear battlefields.
  • Untamed Wilds: Call of Dragons features an enormous map with an expansive world waiting to be discovered and claimed. Explore freely, move around the map to explore new territories, or use dragons to scout otherwise inaccessible regions.
Call of Dragons gameplay image
Image via Farlight Games

Developed by Legou and published by Farlight Games, Call of Dragons is currently accepting pre-registrations on Android and will launch globally on Android and iOS platforms later this year. At the time of the game’s formal debut, players will get a variety of in-game goodies.

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