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Call of Duty Mobile has been voted the EE Mobile Game Of The Year 2020 at the BAFTA Games Awards

The British Academy Games Awards are an annual British awards ceremony honoring “outstanding creative achievement” in the video game industry. It was started in 2004 following the restructuring of the BAFTA Interactive Entertainment Awards. The awards are presented by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA). Thus, commonly referred to as the BAFTA Games Awards. The EE Mobile Game of the Year is the only award at the BAFTA Games Awards voted by the public. Call of Duty: Mobile has been voted the EE Mobile Game Of The Year 2020 at the BAFTA Games Awards. Whereas, the winner of 2019 BAFTA Games Award was OLD SCHOOL RUNESCAPE.

The nominees in 2020 were:

1. Assemble With Care

ASSEMBLE WITH CARE is a unique narrative puzzle game from British developer ustwo games. It is a story about taking things apart and putting ourselves back together. Players can enter the game as Maria, a globe-trotting antique restorer who arrives in the town of Bellariva determined to help the town’s inhabitants save their most cherished possessions. It also tells its evocative story through meaningful, tactile gameplay, vibrant handcrafted visuals, and powerful writing.

2. Dead Man’s Phone

DEAD MAN’S PHONE is a mobile-first crime drama game, where single players act as a New Scotland Yard detective. In this game, players get to investigate and solve murders through the smartphone of victims. To help uncover the truth, players can search through a victim’s phone to see their personal messages, photos, and apps. They also use the device to help find clues and interrogate suspects and putting them in the driver’s seat on how the narrative unfolds.

3. Pokemon Go

POKÉMON GO is a free-to-play mobile game developed by Niantic and available on iPhone and Android devices. Using AR and GPS, Pokémon GO allows players to travel between the real world and the virtual world of Pokémon. So, players can team up with other trainers and capture Pokémon as they explore everyday life.

4. Tangle Tower

TANGLE TOWER is a single-player murder mystery game developed by SFB Games. It features an atmospheric original orchestral soundtrack and beautiful digitally painted environments. Players are challenged to unravel the thrilling mystery of Tangle Tower by exploring the strange and twisted mansion. They discover curious clues, interrogating peculiar suspects and solving unique puzzles. Initially launched on Apple Arcade, it has also been released on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

5. What The Golf?

WHAT The GOLF? is a single-player physics-based golf parody game designed for people who hate golf. Players experience a variety of different courses that features a new and surprising type of golf. It ranges from brilliant and hilarious to downright absurd. These also include using football or bowling techniques on a course, first-person shooter mode and snowboarding.

Criteria for nomination

The six nominees for the EE Mobile Game of The Year Award were announced ahead of the British Academy Games Awards. The award celebrates the mobile game that offers the best experience on a smartphone and over a mobile network, as voted for by the public. This includes online competitive titles and those that use online functionality in an innovative way. The 2020 nominees consisted of six games that have each created a standout impression upon the public and games industry alike. Finally, Call of Duty: Mobile has been voted the EE Mobile Game Of The Year

Voting Process

Members of the public were allowed to cast one vote only online on the EE website by submitting their email address via a form on the website. Only one entry was permitted per person and the jury used the unique email address to determine whether someone has already voted or not. A limited number of tickets to the awards ceremony was offered to those who enter as a prize draw.

Verification of Result

All votes underwent a double count by both the EE online WAP team and third parties, with any duplicates removed to ensure accuracy. All votes were sent to a third party who managed the verification of online votes. Results were strictly confidential until they were announced at the British Academy Games Awards on Thursday, April 2, 2020.

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