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Captor Clash is a new action game from the makers of Champions Legion, currently in early access in selected regions

Find out the hidden secrets in the post-apocalyptic world!

Captor Clash, a hack-n-slash action RPG by Studio Trois Private Limited, is currently in early access in the Philippines, Bulgaria, and Mexico. Android players from the abovementioned regions can easily access the game from Google Play here.

Studio Trois Private Limited is a known company for games like Champions Legion, a classic 5v5 MOBA. The company didn’t disclose more information regarding its new title but requested fans to keep following their social media handles for updated news. They claimed the game to be a new evolution of strategic ARPG.

Captor Clash takes you on a planet in a different universe

This epic fighting game is packed with intense action to offer for the players. The plot is set on a planet in a different universe where mankind has made significant progress by uncovering the technologies in the ancient ruins. The never-satisfied ambitions of mankind burst out in development and competition for relics. Thus, it has brought disputes and wars to the world.

The world becomes filled with betrayal and darkness. Players will meet their true allies who may be the best fighters, and help them to find the truth behind their lost memories.

Gameplay features

Captor Clash early access
Captor Clash gameplay

The game features ultimate graphic works. Blended with easy-to-operate controls that help to perform super combo attacks, Captor Clash lets players brawl to the flesh. Players will experience various thrilling attack combinations. The special attack named the “CHAIN BURST” system is enough to crush the opponents and cause explosive damage.

To add more action, the gameplay is fast-paced with a wide variety of Equips, Magic, and Armors to mix and match. Players will engage with real-time enemies. The characters are designed in an awesome art-style graphic with cool outfits. As the previous title from Studio Trois was shut down last August, fans can now hope for this fighting RPG to be up to the mark of their expectations.

Are you excited about Captor Clash entering early access in some regions? Let us know in the comments below!

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