Castle Burn game services are now terminated

A month ago in a heartful letter from the Dev Team of Castle Burn we came to know about the termination of its services. Due to unfortunate circumstances, they could not meet their expectations and were unable to provide long-lasting, high-quality service.

As of May 20, 2020 all services of Castle Burn has come to an end.

Official Announcement regarding the termination of Castle Burn

The announcement was made on the Official Castle Burn Facebook Page. Here’s what they have said,

Hello master,

Greetings from Castle Burn’s Crown League! As we had previously announced a few weeks ago, we were working hard to show you two new cards. However, due to unfortunate circumstances, it would be difficult to maintain Castle Burn’s service, so we regret to inform you that we have decided to terminate the service for Castle Burn. It is difficult for us to let go of Castle Burn, as we had treated the game like our own child. It breaks our heart that we are unable to show our users the exciting content we had planned for the future. Because of the amount of love Castle Burn has gotten from its users, it upsets us that we had to go forth with this decision. Although we had gone through many complications during our time with Castle Burn, we can confidently say that we believe our users are the greatest group of users we could have asked for. We are grateful that there were no biases during balance discussions, even when your favorite heroes were nerfed. We want to thank our veteran users for taking the initiative to help new users get adjusted to the game. We will always remember the compliments we had received when we had released new features for the game such as the 3vs3 mode. Even though our time with Castle Burn is coming to an end, we will never forget the heart-warming memories from all of you. Because we were not meeting expectations as best as we could, we believe we were unable to provide longer-lasting, high-quality service. We will keep in mind everything we have learned throughout our time with Castle Burn and put in our best efforts to provide a much better experience in our upcoming projects. As fortunate as we were to have developed a great game for a great community, we truly wish all of you happiness and the best of luck for the days to come. Thank you for supporting and being a part of Castle Burn’s community.

The Castle Burn Team

Last Announcement from the Dev Team

What about the in-app purchases?

As the game was already very popular, many players made a lot of in-app purchases. Before termination of the game on May 20, purchases made by spending rubies were refundable. Refunds included purchases made with earned rubies. However, any rubies given during any events and achievements were excluded.

Players can apply for refunds after the termination of game services on May 20. Please submit the following information to customer service to request a refund:

  • User ID
  • Nickname
  • Screenshot of the purchase made using your Play/App Store ID

Customer Service Contact:

What is the game that you are going to play now as Castle Burn has shut down? Do let us know in the comments below! For more mobile gaming news and updates, make sure to follow GamingonPhone on Twitter and Instagram.

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