Clash of Clans: Builder Base update 2020

The first mega update of Supercell’s Clash of Clans Builder Base is scheduled to come in the Spring of 2020, according to Supercell’s announcement. The Builder Base update of 2020 will have some exciting super new content. They are also going to be releasing a lot of Quality of Life (QoL) improvements. QoL is based on the collated feedback from the Clash Community. This is in line with Supercell’s plan to release a major update every quarter.

Clash of Clans will share many of the Quality of Life improvements over the coming preview period. But they felt the changes mentioned below were big enough to merit its own separate announcement.

So check out these expected updates of Clash of Clans Building Base 2020:

1. New Versus Battle Tiebreaker

Builder Base will now have an additional tiebreaker. If both Stars and percentage Destruction are equal and the percentage Destruction is above 0%, then the player with more time left will be crowned as the winner.

2. Troop Training Times Removed

Clash of Clans has informed about removing training times from Troops in the Builder Base. All the training will now be happening immediately. According to the official confirmation, Battle Machine healing time has also been removed!

3. Clock Tower focus changed

The training times for Troops and the healing time for Battle Machine have been removed. The Clock Tower will now focus more on boosting building and resource generation:

  • Clock Tower multiplier has been increased from 8x to 10x.
  • The boost duration of Clock Tower has been increased from 3-11 minutes to 14-30 minutes. While the Clock Tower Potion’s duration remains at 30 minutes.
  • The boost cooldown time of Clock Tower has been increased from 7 hours to 22 hours.
  • The Gem cost to refresh the Clock Tower cooldown has also been reduced.

The changes mentioned above will go live with the Spring update but the exact date is not yet known. However, if you want to know more about the Spring Update, check this detailed post.

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