Clash of Clans Cookie Rumble December 2023: All you need to know

Clashmas time!

Christmas is coming, and Clash of Clans knows exactly what to do! Titled Cookie Rumble, this Clashmas event will be part of the December 2023 update in Clash of Clans but here players will discover two new troops, a special spell, and the first-ever epic Hero Equipment. Excited already? Let us dig in with what we have in store for us!

Cookie Rumble is a special limited-time event for Town Hall 8 and above players with the Clashmas theme. Like Clash-O-Ween Mashup Madness, Cookie Rumble brings in-game activities to collect Resources, unlock rewards, and earn Medals for exclusive loot like the Gingerbread King Skin and the epic Giant Gauntlet.

Clash of Clans Cookie Rumble Bakery
Image via Supercell

Players will be welcomed to the event by the Goblin Baker, who introduces the Gingerbread Bakery. Gingerbread Bakery is the main spot for the Cookie Rumble event, where you will be taking the help of collecting your rewards.

The event kicks off on Monday, December 18th, 2023, at 8 am UTC and continues until Monday, January 1st, 2024, at 8 am UTC. Even after Cookie Rumble ends, you can still visit your Home Village Trader’s Clashmas tab and the Gingerbread Bakery until they close on Wednesday, January 3rd, 2024, at 8 am UTC.

Event Resource: Sweet Elixir

Remember Sour Elixir from the Mashup Madness event? Well, we will have a sweeter version of it this time. To progress in the event, Sweet Elixir must be collected from enemy villages (multiplayer battles) and the Bakery. The more Sweet Elixir is collected, the more rewards and Cookie Medals are unlocked. Unlike Mashup Madness, Sweet Elixir will be randomly placed in 3 enemy Buildings instead of having specific buildings to attack.

New Event Troops and Spells

The limited edition troops introduced in Cookie Rumble are the Ram Rider and the Cookie (a gingerbread Mini P.E.K.K.A). There’s also a powerful limited edition spell called the Bag of Frostmites.

1. Ram Rider

Clash of Clans Cookie Rumble Ram Rider
Image via Supercell

Ram Rider crumbles enemy Walls with ease. Charging headfirst, she smashes through Walls and leaps over subsequent ones, targeting Defenses with her ranged attacks. Her favorite targets are Defenses, and she focuses on ground units. With a housing space of 12 and a movement speed of 22, she’s a formidable force in your gingerbread-themed army.

2. C.O.O.K.I.E

Image via Supercell

Meet C.O.O.K.I.E, the frosting-covered cookie Mini P.E.K.K.A! Forget pancakes – this sweet warrior craves spicier flavors. With a deadly pretzel, it whirls into action, causing splash damage to anything nearby. It targets anything and prefers going after ground units, taking up 10 housing spaces, and moving at a speed of 20.

3. Bag of Frostmites Spell

Image via Supercell

The Frostmite Spell brings a frosty freeze to your enemy’s defenses. The Bag of Frostmites Spell not only briefly freezes the target but also comes with a slow-down ability. While the spell is active, bouncing Frostmites spawn, slowing down and distracting nearby enemy defenses. It’s an area splash effect, takes up 1 housing space, and has a brewing time of just 3 minutes.

Epic Hero Equipment

Giant Gauntlet

Clash of Clans Cookie Rumble Gauntlet
Image via Supercell

The first Epic Hero Equipment, Giant Gauntlet is here, available through the Trader in the Clashmas Cookie Rumble. This boasts an active ability that unleashes massive area damage for 2.5 tiles for the Barbarian King over several seconds. Additionally, it provides a Defensive Shield to reduce incoming damage, initiates HP Regeneration, and offers a DPS Boost.

Event Pass and Rewards

For a limited time, players can purchase an event pass for additional benefits, including an instant 1,000 Sweet Elixir, opening up the first troop instantly, which is priced at $5.00. Even if you choose not to purchase the pass, you can still enjoy rewards from the free track. The rewards range from Cookie Medals and Training Boosts to exciting unlocks like Ram Rider and Bag of Frostmites Spell.

Clash of Clans Cookie Rumble rewards
Image via Supercell

For those Chief Chefs who love a challenge, a bonus reward track awaits after completing the entire free track. This bonus track delivers extra Cookie Medals based on the additional Sweet Elixir collected, rewarding your dedication and achievements.

As you progress through the event and earn Cookie Medals, the Trader awaits, offering a variety of Clashmas goodies. Spend your hard-earned medals on special items like the Gingerbread King Skin, Giant Gauntlet, or festive Clashmas decorations. So, ready for some Clashmas year-end fun?

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