Clash of Clans General Manager discusses June 2024 update, Town Hall 17, future plans, and more

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The General Manager of Clash of Clans Stuart McGaw has discussed the upcoming June 2024 update in a recent AMA on the Reddit platform, and we have plenty of takeaways with his answers. A few of my keynotes include the optional Hard Mode, and reducing upgrade costs and times coming this June. He also discussed Town Hall 17 plans, with a future update also having the merging of defenses, the details of which I will share in this space.

The June 2024 update is going to be a major one for Clash of Clans

Well, although the official announcement of what’s coming with the update isn’t out yet, Stuart mentioned a few details of the update. One of the additions will be a Hard Mode for Friendly Challenges and Friendly Wars. Due to being launched in the June update, this mode is currently finalizing its exact settings, but it has been stated that the mode will be optimized based on feedback from players.

According to Stuart, this feature has been an output of the realization that the various players exhibit diversity in terms of their skill levels, with some players wanting a real kick while others are quite easy. Hard Mode hence aims to serve both kinds of players, thereby ensuring balance.

The General Manager also said that they were working on methods to reduce the cost and time for upgrades in such a way that would help Clash of Clans players at lower levels to catch up, hence significant cuts are expected in the June 2024 update, so stay tuned for the updates.

Future updates to see defense merging and CWL improvements

Supercell is also considering merging certain defensive structures, including the Archer Towers and Cannons, into a single structure that will take the form of the Multi-Archer Towers and the Ricochet Cannons permanently, like the one we saw during the December 2023 update. The idea is to make room for new buildings in future Town Hall releases and to keep defenses exciting and relevant, rather than simply increasing their numbers.

Another point of discussion is aimed at TH17, with Stuart revealing that the theme had been decided and that the team was 80% sure they would merge the Eagle Artillery into the Town Hall. They are moving away from the Inferno Beams and bringing a unique signature defense, but details are under wraps. Well, we don’t need to wait more since the update schedule for a new TH is now to be every 12 months.

Clash of Clans Autumn 2021 update
War Leagues in Clash of Clans

Furthermore, the team is exploring additional improvements that could be applied to CWL and multiplayer leagues, despite no set plans. Another major update that is underway is a new member invitation system overhaul, which wasn’t ready for this month’s update as they had hoped, confirmed Stuart.

Well, these look like very promising updates for both players and the future of the game. For now, let us set our eyes on the June 2024 update.

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