Clash of Clans introduced a new arcade minigame celebrating its 10th anniversary 

Beat up goblins in CLASH to celebrate the game’s 10th anniversary!

A new minigame has now been released on Clash of Clans and it’s an arcade platformer, much like the Super Mario games from back in the day. With a simplistic yet engaging gameplay style and pixelated visuals, the game feels like a real blast from the past and is extremely fun although with minor issues here and there. We first got a hint regarding this particular minigame during the 10th Clashiversary when Supercell uploaded a farcical documentary to YouTube.

The new arcade minigame can be played in-game or through a mobile web browser

The game features the classic and iconic Barbarian as he goes through levels beating up goblins and breaking down other items like Town Halls and Wizard Towers on the maps. Now it’s playable in two different ways, either through the Clash of Clans application where players can click where the Clan Games icon used to be in order to get to the game. Additionally, the game can be played on a web browser.

Now the game is available for only a limited time period and it is facing some issues in terms of touch controls and other bugs here and there. There’s no reward for this game either but many players have already gotten so engrossed with it that there are cheat codes popping up already.

One of them is Drool Power, unlocked by pressing Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A before starting the game which allows the Barbarian to spit out and make the goblins, and then there’s Shield, which is unlocked before starting the game as well by pressing Up, Up, Down, Up, Left, Right, Up, Down, B. If you want to try out this game too, then you should use any of the two methods mentioned previously.  

Are you excited about the new arcade minigame introduced in Clash of Clans? Let us know in the comments below!

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The platform one is cool. But the racing ones controls are horrible. Need to do something about that.

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