Clash of Clans July 2023 Clan Games: Details, rewards, and more

Time for some collective rewards!

Clan Games is undoubtedly one of the most popular monthly events among Clash of Clans players.
In these games, players have in-game objectives and challenges designed for clan members to complete. As they progress through the Tier system and unlock each level, awards become available. Every month, there is a curiosity involved So, let us take a closer look at what Clash of Clans players might expect in the Clan Games for July 2023.

Clan Games July 2023 Overview


The Clan Games for July 2023 will be kicking off on July 22, 2023, and concluding on July 28, 2023. Just like the June Clan Games, an individual player can accumulate 4000 points in total, and 4000 points shall be needed to unlock the bonus rewards.


The traditional six-tier pattern is followed with the final tier unlocking at 50,000 points. The math for getting to the ultimate tier remains the same, so if your clan has fewer than 13 active members, each of whom will contribute 4000 points, obtaining the final tier prizes will be difficult.

Clash of Clans Clan Games July 2023
Image via Supercell

In the Clan Games, all participants who complete at least one Challenge will have the opportunity to select a reward from each reward tier achieved by the Clan. The reward distribution is designed to be excellent, offering various incentives and loot bonuses that are particularly beneficial for players who do not engage in raids frequently.

Players can accumulate a total of 160 gems with 2x Power and Research Potions with a great dark elixir resource option in the fifth tier alongside boosts for elixir and gold if they choose the appropriate rewards from the tiers, so it is a great distribution of rewards overall.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, there won’t be another mishap like last time where the rewards are not in the game as shared by Clash of Clans. Elixir Rune, which was supposed to come out in the last Clan Games, missed out on arriving but his time will definitely feature. The fourth and fifth tier has the best offerings, so players have a great chance to boost their loot.

Clash of Clans July 2023 gold pass, Clash of Clans July 2023 weekly events
Image via Supercell

We do not have particular preferences from each tier to pick apart from the Elixir Rune alongside the Book of Buildings, but we suggest you pick the rune. The middle tiers have excellent picks on offer too, so completing this would be great for all clans.

What are your thoughts on the rewards offered in the Clash of Clans Clan Games for July 2023? Let us know in the comments below!

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