Clash of Clans: A detailed guide to Siege Machines

A guide for utilizing your Siege Machines to the best use!

There are a lot of strategies that are used in Clash Of Clans. Different kinds of Troops, Super Troops, Heroes, Spells are available and can be used in an attack. But one of the things that brought a change in making strategies was the introduction of the Siege Machines. So, in this guide, we will see how to utilize Siege Machines to the best in Clash of Clans.

Understanding Siege Machines in Clash of Clans

Siege Machines are mobile Clan Castles that can be trained in the Siege Workshop and will carry and protect your Clan Castle reinforcements into combat. Lower level players might not be familiar with this thing as it can only be produced by players above Townhall 12 in Clash of Clans after which the Siege Machine Workshop is unlocked. But it can still be used by the players who have at least a level 6 castle clan which is made possible via clan donation.

Before proceeding, just be aware of some of the Siege Machine’s general rules which are:

  • No spell is effective on them.
  • You can carry multiple Siege Machines but may use only one or none of them.
  • You can manually destroy the Siege Machine whenever you want.

Adding Troops to The Siege Machine

Adding troops to the Siege Machine may be the biggest confusion for beginners who have just been introduced to it. But you can not manually add any troop in the Siege Machine. The troops that you receive via castle clan donation are automatically added to it. You can still use the Siege Machine without donation but nothing will be spawned from it when it’ll be destroyed.

A guide to Siege Machines in Clash of Clans

There are 5 different Siege Machines in Clash of Clans currently, where each has its own ability and functions differently from the other. Even after being different from each other, they do serve one common purpose which is carrying the Castle Clan Troops inside them. So, now let’s take a closer look at each of the Machines and how they work:

1. Wall Wrecker

Wall Wrecker was the first-ever siege machine that was introduced in the game. As its name suggests, the wall wrecker’s main objective is to break all the walls and buildings that lie in its path. The wall wrecker heads towards the Townhall in a straight line. Once it reaches the Townhall, it self-destructs and releases the troops that were inside.

It does 10x damage to walls making it the strongest ground machine. It takes only 3 hits for this machine to break a max level wall.

The wall wrecker is mainly used to open a base and make a path for the rest of the troops. High damaging troops like Valkyries or Pekka can prove to be good options for this siege machine who can take down the town hall after it reaches there or even if it fails to do so, they still can clear the defenses for the rest of the troops.

2. Battle Blimp

Clash of Clans Siege Machines guide

The Battle Blimp was the second Siege Machine which is the air form of the Wall Wrecker. It was introduced along with the Wall Wrecker which is why it can be seen sharing the same target (Townhall).

The Battle Blimp moves towards the Townhall by air skipping all of the enemy’s defenses. It has the fastest movement speed among the machines but its hitpoint is the biggest drawback of this Siege Machine. The speed of this machine almost assures that it’ll reach its designation, the townhall, if it doesn’t trigger any high-level air traps. So, in case it is intended to reach the Townhall, dragons(s), balloons, or valkyries can be a good choice for getting the Townhall destroyed.

Alternatively, you can place a Lava Hound inside it, as the Blimp will provide a shield for the Hound for some time you can prepare for your next step as used in Balloon attack strategies. Because of having high death damage, the Battle Blimp is/can be used intentionally to target any strong defense that can harm other troops. Weakening it from the beginning will almost get you the victory.

3. Stone Slammer

Clash of Clans Siege Machines guide

You can think of the Stone Slammer as equivalent to a massive balloon as it looks and shares some of its similar functions. The Stone Slammer has been called a massive flying mountain that drops stones. It targets the enemies’ defenses and the impact of the stone is so much that it causes earthquakes around it. It hence helps in weakening and breaking the walls within its radius.

The Stone Slammer’s attack consists of two parts acting simultaneously: one high-damage hitbox with a low splash radius (1 tile) whose effect is only to the building it’s attacking, and a low-damage hitbox with a high splash radius (3 tiles) that does 25x damage to walls.

Stone Slammer is the only siege machine that targets the defenses, hence it’ll be very helpful in using the stone Slammer along with defense targeting troops like Hog Riders or Balloons. Also, you can pair the Slammer with Lava Hounds. As the Hounds will keep taking damage, the Stone Slammer would have made most of the damage with its high power attacks.

4. Siege Barracks

Clash of Clans Siege Machines guide

Unlike the rest of Siege machines, Siege Barrack’s function is completely different on the battlefield. While other machines target the town hall or defenses, this machine stays on the outside where it is deployed and releases a Pekka followed by some wizards.

The Siege Barrack loses its health overtime and only lasts for 30 seconds. While upgrading this won’t result in its lifetime increase rather it increases the amount of wizards spawn (6 wizards at initial and 12 at max level). The level of those troops is determined by the player’s laboratory level.

The Siege Barrack can prove to be the best among the rest Sieges in creating funnels where the pre-deployed troops take care of the outside buildings. Now, this could be an advantage to your army when some additional reinforcement is required. You can have 2 Pekkas and numerous Wizards (combined with clan donation) clearing the outer layer as the main troops can focus on creating the funnel and moving inside. And the best thing is they’ll be totally excluded from your trained army.

5. Log Launcher

The Log Launcher was the latest addition to the Siege Machines released in the December 2020 Winter Update. You may have guessed how it works by looking at its name. Yes, the Log Launcher launches wooden logs that do damage to anything that lies in its path.

Because of its health reduction, the Log Launcher is very unlikely to reach the Townhall as it reduces at 155 HP per second approximately even when not getting shots from enemies’ defenses. But the Log Launcher has an impressive range of 20 tiles and can pass through multiple layers of walls. Though it’s the range in hitting buildings has been limited to 4 buildings. It does x4 damage to walls and requires 5 logs to break a max level wall.

Sharing similarity with the Wall Wrecker, the Log Launcher can be used similarly in creating a path to the Townhall. It’ll be a wise choice to place strong troops in front of it like Golem who’ll take the damage as the Log Launcher can stay focused on clearing and making the path.

To prevent the Log Launcher from doing much damage, buildings with high hit points are placed in the outside layer so that it will consume most of its time and keep losing its health over time.


After reading so much about these machines you must have got an Idea about the Siege Machines. In simple terms, we can define Siege Machines as moveable vehicles that provide some additional shield and deploy the castle clan troops in a much more advanced manner.

There’ll be an endless amount of strategies for these machines; it only depends upon the intention that the machine is being used for. Whether to lead an attack, give support in an attack, or to intentionally break the machine for taking any strong defense, the Siege Machine can fulfill any of these situations. Keep practicing with different Siege Machines and use them for different purposes to get the most out of them.

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Did you find this Clash of Clans Siege Machines guide helpful? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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