Clash of Clans leaks hint at the upcoming introduction of Diamond Pass

Is there a need of a new pass?

Leaks in the Clash of Clans community hint at the possible introduction of a Diamond Pass in the near future. This potential addition holds the promise of introducing exciting modifications and rewards, ultimately enhancing the player experience. However, it has also triggered concerns within the community for a few valid reasons.

The Diamond Pass in Clash of Clans will definitely introduce more perks to players

Currently, we have the Silver Pass and the Gold Pass. The Silver Pass is available for free to all players, while the Gold Pass requires a monetary payment. Both of these passes have been running smoothly and are considered healthy for the game’s ecosystem, as the rewarding is generous enough.

Now, let’s shift our focus to the potential introduction of a Diamond Pass. One key point is that this pass could potentially facilitate faster progression for players, due to the increase of rewards. Well, that’s the reason you are introducing it in the first place, right? Also, there is a reveal of Season Builder, which might be the addition of another builder to the game. However, the first question is on the recent price changes for the Gold Pass.

For those who may not be aware, the changes implemented in July 2023 included an increase in the price of the Gold Pass to a base cost of $6.99 (not accounting for local taxes or currency conversion rates). This price adjustment was accompanied by the introduction of additional tiers, rewards, perks, and cosmetic items.

The price changes to the CoC Gold Pass have drawn some theories surrounding the Diamond Pass

However, some players have questioned why the price of the Gold Pass was raised if the developers were considering introducing a Diamond Pass sooner or later. It is a valid query to have, and it hasn’t been three months since the change went live. So, what could it be?

What I believe is one of the driving factors behind the recent price increase for the Gold Pass could be to facilitate the marketing and introduction of the Diamond Pass. If Diamond Pass could feed more rewards at a smaller cost upgrade, then it would make players search for faster progression to turn their heads to it. However, it still doesn’t make sense to raise the praise of an already successful gold pass.

pass royale revamp
Image via Supercell

Anyways, Clash of Clans has been smart enough to avoid most of the debacles that Clash Royale did, and there is a hope that Diamond Pass won’t be as much of a problem as we saw in Clash Royale. The Diamond Pass debacle is something that is hurting the game even now, and hopefully, the case won’t be the same for Clash of Clans.

Currently, it’s important to note that the pass’s introduction hasn’t been confirmed yet, so meaningful discussions should await its actual arrival in the game. We do not know when it will arrive, so a wait now begins.

What are your thoughts on Clash of Clans leaks hinting at the upcoming introduction of Diamond Pass? Let us know in the comment section below!

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