Clash Quest Winter 2022 Island Update: New Island, Improved artwork, Runes and more

Lots of new updates in the Clash Quest Winter 2022 Island Update!

Clash Quest has brought the games’ first update for 2022, which is a big update, following the small December update. Clash Quest Winter 2022 Island Update is bringing new features, a new island, improved artwork, bug fixes, and more. Here is the full patch notes breakdown of the Clash Quest February 2022 update.

Clash Quest Winter 2022 Island Update: New features


Clash Quest Winter 2022 Island update has added a brand-new feature named Runes, which is like a superpower for all troops. Runes are powerful items, with the ability to change the course of the battle. Each troop in the crew has access to one rune and each troop’s rune differs from the other. 

Runes are somewhat similar to equipment items, as each troop has one slot, that is occupied for a rune. But, runes differ from equipment items in the sense that runes are triggered by events detailed one of the three events:

  • Doing an attack
  • Taking damage 
  • At the start of each turn

Runes have four levels and can be upgraded by runes from chests or buying them using gems. Each rune has a percent chance to be triggered, associated with one of the above-listed situations. It will do something different, depending upon the troop. For example at Level 4, Giant’s rune called Tremble has a 5% chance to cast Tremble at all enemies, which deals 500 damage. Tremble is triggered when Giant takes damage.

Clash Quest Winter 2022 Island Update
Runes (Image via Supercell)

The update will be launching 7 runes for the following troops named Archer, Giant, Prince, Goblin, Barbarian, Wizard, and Pekka. Runes for more troops will be released in the coming future and the team is currently working on finalizing and polishing the ideas of runes for troops like a Baby dragon, Bomber, Miner, and Minions who are currently being playtested.

Magic Items 

Added first in the November 2021 update, magic items are powerful materials that aid players during their exploration of the Archipelago. Five items were added to the game, but not all of them find equal use, and hence after looking at the data, the developers have decided to tweak Shuffle Dice so that it finds more use. The two most used magic items are Missile Wand and Summon Bell.

Clash Quest Winter 2022 Island Update
Shuffle Dice is being reworked to Rally Horn (Image via Supercell)

Shuffle dice will now be known as Rally Horn, which essentially provides the same benefit as Shuffle dice, by rearranging the board of troops but Rally horn will group similar troops together for better combo returns. 

Sandy Sanctum 

A new island is being added to the game which is primarily aimed at end game players and/or players who have maxed their account. Sandy Sanctum will feature new defense levels and harder challenges to engage end-game players.

Changes to League 

During each league run, players will receive one free random magic item which will not be deducted from players’ inventory and will expire once the league ends. Therefore utilize the free magic item to make the challenge easier.

Improved Artwork and Replays 

Being based in the clash universe, Clash Quest lends a lot of troops, spells, and features from other clash games like Clash of Clans and Clash Royale but to set its unique identity and to bring it closer to the games environment art style, Clash Quest is reworking the artwork of various in-game elements. Darian, the community manager for Clash Quest described the artwork to be “Fun, Playful and full of character but immediately recognizable as a part of the Clash universe.”

Replay is an important feature that has been missing from the game and is being added with the update. Replays will allow players to share their battle with clan members, improve their strategies and look back at funny moments. Replays will also aid content creators without having the need to use a screen recorder each time.

What are your thoughts on our Clash Quest Winter 2022 Island Update? Let us know in the comments below!

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