Clash Royale Season 16 is bringing Electro Giant, Electro Spirit and more

New cards introduced!

Popular game Clash Royale is now having its Season 15 closing for an end, and on October 5th, the new Season 16 or Shocktober is all set to replace it. However, just like every season, there are balance changes within the game, but this time Clash Royale is set to see two new cards getting a release. The official Twitter handle gave a hint to the fans about their 100th card a few days back, and we have got the official sneak-peek of the same. So in this article, we will be covering the Clash Royale Season 16 theme and give you insights into the new cards coming to the game, namely the Electro Giant and the Electro Spirit.

Clash Royale Season 16 Theme

Supercell‘s Clash Royale in their latest video titled ‘Shocktober‘ gave us a few hints on how this season will go through. The theme is certainly ‘electric’ and will feature a refresh of the Electro Valley. One of Supercell’s team leads have also tweeted on the new season:

“The Arena you see on the Shocktober Cinematic is a refresh of the Electro Valley. We were not planning on creating a whole new Arena but thought that we would still revisit our Electro Valley Arena. Seasons 16 is a full Electro/Shocktober Season.”


New cards coming to Clash Royale in Season 16

Already teased the new cards a few days back, the names officially announced by the Clash Royale team were Electro Giant and Electro Spirit. This was really interesting, the introduction of these two cards meant more options for the player. Also, Electro Giant marks the 100th card in Clash Royale, so definitely players can expect something special from the hard.

Electro Giant

This is the 100th card on Clash Royale, and players can get a hand on it in a few hours from now. Just like his name hints you, he is unlocked at the Electro valley. By looking at the gameplay, he will feature as a single-target, melee-ranged troop. Also, one more special feature of his is to zap enemies around him, which is good if there is a wave of minions around him attacking. He is expected to have high hitpoints and deal with average to good damage. The Electro Giant would fit well as a tank. He costs 8 Elixir.

  • Speed: Slow
  • Hit Speed: 2.1secs
  • Deploy Time: 1sec
  • Type and Movement: Troop/Ground
  • Target: Ground only
  • Rarity: Epic

Electro Spirit

Electro Spirit will come as a low-cost troop (1 Elixir). It will shock the opponent with its ‘run and stun’, as the trailer suggests. You can expect the troop to stun an opponent for a few seconds, depending on the level. This is somewhat similar to what the other ‘spirit’ troops do. Electric joins the Ice and Fire! It also unlocked at the Electro Valley.

  • Speed: Very Fast
  • Deploy Time: 1sec
  • Type and Movement: Troop/Ground
  • Target: Air and Ground
  • Rarity: Common

Clash Royale Season 16 rewards

Clash Royale Season 16 Electro Giant

The rewards will be exciting as well. New tower skins as shown in their gameplay trailer, followed by some exciting emotes that you can use during the game! Overall a very interesting update after the Clan Wars 2 introduction, we have to wait and see how these things fare.

Are you excited about the arrival of Clash Royale Season 16 and the new cards Electro Giant and Electro Spirit? Let us know in the comment section below!

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