Clash Royale Season 46 ‘Boot Camp’ April 2023 Update and Balance Changes

What's with the Boot Camp?

Clash Royale has received the Season 46 Boot Camp update this April 2023 and there have been some exciting changes regarding the balancing of the cards. Alongside the new skins for towers, new emotes, banner box items, and the Season Shop comes with several rewards for the users. So, in this article, we shall walk through the details of the upcoming update.

Clash Royale Season 46 Boot Camp Update details

The battles for the current season will be ongoing in the brand-new Boot Camp Arena. This shares a resemblance to the oldest arena in the game, the Training Camp, and has plenty of lush green surrounding to give the players an amazing feel while playing the game.

New Tower Skins

Along with the Boot Camp, two new Tower Skins are now available, with one featuring in the Pass Royale and the other as a shop purchase. The Gold Tier of the Pass Royale unlocks the Super Archer tower skin at Tier 48, while the Boot Camp tower skin can be bought from the shop.

Season 46 Boot Camp tower skins
Image via Supercell

As far as the designs are concerned, both look unique and stick to the theme of the season. The fabrics are the highlight of the Archer Tower skin, which looks great in terms of the color combination. In the Boot Camp skin, a puppet is stitched to the Princess tower itself while the King Tower’s gold design with an emblem steals the show.

Emotes and Banners

Seven new emotes will be making their way to the game thanks to the Boot Camp theme. Archers, Prince, Dark Prince, and King will be the featured emotes. A few of the emotes can be obtained from the Season Shop after exchanging a particular amount of tokens, while the rest can be done via the Pass Royale and the in-app purchases.

Battle Banners Season 46
Image via Supercell

As far as Banner Items are considered, players can get their hands on 40 brand-new banners that are available this season. The count goes as follows: 16 in the Banner Box, 22 for purchase, and 2 for Diamond Pass Royale owners. The Diamond tier of Pass Royale will also feature the animated Archer banner, which is unlocked at Tier 49.

Season Shop and Card Boosts

The Season Shop has arrived with good offers for grabs, which can be availed by the exchange of season tokens. Along with the cards on offer, banners, and Emotes are also interesting purchases to have. Archers, Prince, and Dark Prince also have the cards for grabs in the Season Shop, with the Archers, Arrows, and Archer Queen being the boosted cards for the season. So make sure to head to the events and grab those tokens at the earliest!

Mega Draft in Path of Legends

Boot Camp for the duration of the Season will feature Path of Legends played in the Mega Draft game mode. This means that instead of regular 1v1 battles, all Leagues (from Challenger I to Ultimate Champion) will use Mega Draft mode. In addition, all Card Levels and Tower Power will be limited to 11 across all Leagues.

Mega Draft in Path of Legends
Image via Supercell

The number of steps in Path of Legends will be reduced from 93 to 76. This is the first time they’ve tried something like this because they’ve never changed the primary game mode in which players can participate in Ranked Battles, so it might be interesting to try out.

Clash Royale April 2023 Balance Changes

Here is the overview of the balance changes for the cards this season.

balance changes
Image via Supercell

Buffed Cards

Mega Minion

Mega Minion has been buffed with the Hit Time and the damage per second, as the usage rate of the larger of the minions was reducing.

  • Hit Time: +6%
  • DPS: +7%

Spear Goblins

The Goblins with the Spears get buffed too, following a low usage among the players, and an improvement in range might be great.

  • Attack Range: +10%

Nerfed Cards


Archers get a major reduction in the first hit time stat. So, this will slow down the stat from 0.1s to 0.5s.

  • First Hit Time: +400%


One more strong card, Miner, which was popularly used gets a nerf concerning the crown tower damage it deals with, and a significant one. The community might feel happy, though.

  • Crown Tower Damage: -17%

Golden Knight

The dash distance gets a slight reduction, although the differences will be noticeable.

  • Dash Distance: -8%


The death damage was Pheonix’s top ability and sadly it will be seeing a reduction this April 2023 update.

  • Death Damage: -10%

Reworked Cards


While Rascals is a unique card that combines a ranged and melee unit, many players regard it as a dead card, and hence a rework was most needed. This has come in the nick of time for this April 2023 update.

  • Hit Points: +6% (Rascal Boy)
  • First Hit Time: -37.5% (Rascal Girl)
  • Spacing: +58%


An annoying card to play against, Furnace was however not a well-used card, and had a low usage rate over time. So, a little rework has been done on the delay and the expiration of the building.

  • Spawn Delay: +20%
  • Lifetime: 15% 

That’s all for the Boot Camp update details. If anything in addition to this is announced, we’ll be sure to update this space, so keep an eye out!

What are your thoughts on the Clash Royale Season 46 Boot Camp update? Let us know in the comments below!

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