Food for thought: Is buying Pass Royale worth the money in Clash Royale?

Clash Royale introduced Season Pass in July 2019, naming it as Pass Royale. The season pass gives the players some great opportunity to grab some items for a minimal price. But the question remains, is Pass Royale the right value for money?

Price vs Perks

Price: Clash Royale season pass comes with the price tag 4.99 USD. However, the price varies in different countries. In India, the price shows as 399 INR which is valued at 5.6 USD, that too without tax. Clash Royale is built on the freemium model so players are always tempted to get the season pass. But for a mobile game, the amount for every month can be a big deal for many.

Perks: Coming to perks, the season pass actually offers some decent items or facilities in the game.

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Season Pass perks
  • Unlimited entries in events: Season pass holders get the opportunity to join in the limited-time events as many times as they want which can cost from 25 Gems to 100 gems for each entry, depending on the amount of rewards available.
  • Limited time skins and emotes: Each season, there is a new theme and based on that theme, there are tower skins and emotes. So collectors may want to get those before time runs out. Because once the season is over, those items are gone forever!
  • Extra gold, chests and Trade tokens: Clash Royale season pass holders also get the facility to get 35 extra chests where there are a few numbers of Legendary, Epic, and Rare card chests. With this, players also get 1 trade token of each variety. Each season players get a good amount of gold when they progress through the tiers.
  • Queuing up the next chest: It can be considered as one of the best facilities of the season pass. Players can queue up another chest to unlock just by buying the clash royale season pass! they do not need to worry, once the first chest is unlocked, the second chest will start unlocking automatically.
  • Golden name: Although this is not a big thing, holding the season pass rewards the players with a golden name. The names shine in golden color and it actually looks pretty good.

Is Pass Royale worth buying?

Considering all the factors, if you are a regular Clash Royale player then you should go for the season pass without any doubt. The season pass actually offers immense value comparing to the price. However, getting it every month can be a problem sometimes, for some people.

What is your opinion about it? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments below!

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I play often. But never into spending. What to do for changing my mindset? Plz write a psychological assessment of types of players. 😅

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