Clash Royale: Supercell states 4 areas that might lead to account ban in 2021

Adhere to this four rules and maintain the Fair Pair Policy

With the in-game Clash Royale League coming up this year, Supercell wants to make sure that players follow the Fair Play Policy and the Terms Of Service. In this piece, We will label out the 4 areas that might lead to an account ban in Clash Royale.

Rules imposed on the players

The accounts of players will be checked manually and bans will be issued for those who go against the rules.

4 areas lead to account ban clash royale

These new rules are as follows:

  • In case your account has been shared with anyone in the past two in-game seasons, the account will be suspended and disqualified from ongoing and upcoming tournaments. Two in-game seasons are equal to two months in real-time.
  • Your account will be banned if you have obtained gems from anywhere other than the official Crash Royale In-Game shop.
  • In case you have purchased your account from a third party your account most probably will be banned. This third-party might be your friend or someone online.
  • First-time offenders will get the benefit of the doubt from Supercell. Repeated offenses will lead to permanent disqualification from the Clash Royale League and other Supercell esports events. It might even bring about a potential ban from the game itself.

A move to counter the cheaters

Games with such huge and competitive user bases must keep up with cheaters and bring in policies to counter them. Entire content farms on places like YouTube have sprung up, encouraging players to cheat and even telling them how to. Reminding players to play fair by the rules and letting them know that punishments do exist is very important in keeping the game clean and free of cheaters. That being said, Supercell does seem to be making an effort to thwart attempts of players who intend to cheat the system.  

What do you think about Supercell’s statement on the 4 areas which would lead to account ban in Clash Royale?

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