CoC October 2019 update: Learn about the new Clan Recruitment System

Today, Clash of Clans Developer Update preview went live on their Youtube channel. In this video, they discussed how October’s update would be largely focused on quality-of-life changes, in order not to disrupt the meta before Clash World Championships later this month. Today, GamingonPhone will bring you the details on the new clan recruitment system, and how it all works.

So, what’s the thing in this new clan recruitment system?

The new recruitment system follows a simple process: You describe your in-game traits and are matched with clans that also follow the same characteristics. This new system will completely replace the global chat function.

In your new profile, you have the ability to adjust your ‘traits’ or labels. You can have up to three unique choices on this.

An issue players had in the past was the inability to properly search and look for new clans whilst already in one. Clan Leaders also had the same problem, and couldn’t request players while they were in a clan. This update will remove all those barriers.

The ‘traits’ you can choose from (or labels) cover every aspect of the game and allows for matching into clans. You can pick from 3 different labels ranging from ‘farming’ to ‘base designing’. This will make it a lot easier for Clan Leaders to active pick players for clan wars – which has been an issue in the past.

new clan recruitment system in clash of clans

These labels will be available for any player to see in your profile tab. This, as well as improving clan recruitment, will allow for more personalisation of your own account. From an opinionated view, I think this is a good move.

How does this affect Clan Leaders?

From inside each clan, you will see the clan’s dedicated three labels that they identify with. You can also set a ‘recruiting’ button on or off, featured next to the mail button. Lastly, it features a ‘find new members’ button which allows you to locate new clan members.

coc clan recruitment

In the ‘find new members’ tab, leaders can sort through players with matching labels and see their Town Hall level, Experience level, and trophy count in both bases. They can then proceed to click the ‘invite’ button featured on the right.

new clan recruitment system in coc

What makes this new system so efficient is the potential for mass inviting members. Currently, a leader must go into a new player’s profile, invite, then leave to find another player. In the new system, you can rapidly invite an entire list of relevant players.

Lastly, each individual player has the ability to receive invites from clans. This invitation setting can also be active whilst you are in a clan! Obviously, this can also be switched ‘off’ if you’re happy in your current clan.

What do you think about the new clan recruitment system in Clash of Clans? Do let us know in the comments below. And, for more awesome content like this, don’t forget to follow GamingonPhone on Facebook and Twitter.

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