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COD Mobile China generated a massive $14 Million in its launch week

COD Mobile is breaking all records in China!

On 25th December 2020, China welcomed Call of Duty: Mobile onto their list of approved games and is generating quite a buzz. COD Mobile China was one of the most anticipated games to be released in the Chinese gaming community. The main reason for the excitement was due to some major differences between the original and the Chinese versions of the game. But for now, let us look at the detailed insight on COD Mobile China’s first-week revenue.

Detailed Revenue breakdown

COD Mobile China first week revenue

According to the reports by Sensor Tower, the game’s majority revenue was from App Store. To be specific, 61% of the revenue is from Apple devices and the rest 39% are from Android users. The game itself is partially developed by Chinese tech giant Tencent but was not approved by the CCP for use in the country until recently. Overall, the title has brought in almost $644m worldwide, most of which has come from the United States.

Seamless Matchmaking in COD Mobile China

With China’s massive gaming community getting added to the servers, many players from other parts of the world may be worried that matchmaking will be difficult, and language barriers will prevent communication. Don’t worry, all players in Southeast Asia and China will be on their own servers to prevent this problem. If you have friends in these parts of the world, unfortunately, you will not be able to play with them.

The popularity of COD Mobile China

With over 50 million pre-registered gamers in China, it was no secret that the game would be a massive success. The Chinese government was hesitant to allow the title to release but undoubtedly saw in the moments leading up to launch that the revenue that could be generated from the game wasn’t something they could pass up. Well exceeding 100m downloads in China now, it’s breaking records!

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