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COD Mobile received the highest monthly engagements in April confirms Activision

In the recently concluded Q1 2020 Financial Results conference call, Activision Blizzard announced Call of Duty Mobile to be holding a very strong position among the players base. COD Mobile received the highest monthly engagements in April, much more than what was expected throughout the quarter. This was primarily due to Activision Blizzard’s investment in commercial and creative initiatives for the game.

Last year, in the month of October, Call of Duty Mobile made its breakout launch with new content, features, and events. The game was much awaited and saw a very high engagement as time went by. The new content, features resulted in optimizing engagement, retention, and player investment at a very high level. The month of March saw COD Mobile shifting to a monthly model for each season resulting in a good decision. The combination of increasingly compelling content and rising demand from stay-at-home tailwinds pushed the growth in the month of March. The player investment followed with Season 5 of COD Mobile launched in April, which delivered the record highest in-game monthly engagements since season the first season.

“With more people engagement, substantial content in the pipeline and opportunities to refine further in-game system, we expect Call of Duty Mobile to be an increasing contributor over time”

Dennis Durkin , CFO of Activision

Quarantine time played a key role in pushing the COD Mobile monthly engagement to the highest

Whilst the ongoing Coronavirus scare has created havoc around the world, the Activision Blizzard had a delightful result in the Q1 Financial Results, all because of coronavirus. The pandemic has caused people across the globe to spend more time on the mobile. As per analytics, Mobile playtime has increased by 62% in Q1 of 2020. And with a game like Call of Duty Mobile in reach, almost everyone is hooked up into it. As a result of this, Activision had a segment Net revenue of $519M. They also have a segment operating income of $184M which was driven by Call of Duty Mobile along with other games under the Call of Duty franchise

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