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Activision confirms COD Mobile Zombies mode is removed permanently

Zombies are no more!

The Call of Duty franchise has always been well known for the Zombies mode. Call of Duty Mobile is nothing different than that. A wide variety of game modes in COD Mobile helps to enhance the overall gaming experience of the players. The game introduces several time-bound modes which can be played only for a limited duration. Zombie mode was one of these modes added to the game last year, only to be removed after a couple of months. This mode was widely popular among the Call of Duty Mobile players. But now, it is confirmed that COD Mobile Zombies mode is removed permanently from the game.

What happened to the COD Mobile Zombies mode

COD Mobile Zombies Mode was widely popular among Call of Duty Mobile players. It managed to amass the attention of the majority of the players.

The mode was based on survival instincts, where a squad had to survive against several waves of AI-controlled zombies. The rewards increased in leaps, according to the duration that a squad survived against the dudgeon of the zombies.

COD Mobile Zombies mode removed, Call of Duty Mobile Zombies

This mode was adapted from the main series of Call of Duty games. However, it was removed from the game for an indefinite time in March. The removal was made official in the February community update.

Although after some days, Garena. publisher of another version of this game had announced the return of zombie mode. But now it seems pretty much evident that the zombie mode is not coming back anytime in the future.

COD Mobile Zombies Mode removed from the game forever

As the COD Mobile Zombies mode is getting removed from the game, the question arises why this decision was taken by the developers. During a recent discussion in Reddit, one of the moderators from Activision’s side made this statement. This statement was very clear enough that there is absolutely no plan by the developers to bring back zombie mode.

COD Mobile Zombies mode removed, Call of Duty Mobile Zombies
Message from Activision

Initially, they had the thought of bringing this much-anticipated mode back to the game. But recent developments had the decision turned another way. Developers realized that bringing back the zombie mode seemed to be adding no value to the game in the future. Instead, the developers have decided to put more effort into improving the gaming experiences in multiplayer and battle royale modes to further extent. Going by the statement from Activision, the quality of gaming experience which the players had in the zombie mode earlier in the game proved to be great for the players and was worth their efforts. However, bringing the gaming experience of the same quality in Multiplayer or Battle Royale would require much less effort from the developers’ side. And now Activision is working on that objective which is expected to be seen in the upcoming seasons in Call of Duty Mobile.

What does the future of COD Mobile look like after Zombie mode is removed

Activision has said that they are currently working on the objective of bringing the gaming quality of zombies mode to the other two modes in the game. So we can expect some high-quality improvements in these modes in the upcoming seasons. Also, there is a slight chance that the zombies might be an in-match part of either of these modes, just like they are soon to become a part of Call of Duty Warzone. And as we have seen in the Season 9 update, a lot of features from the Warzone version has come into COD Mobile and so watching zombies in any of the games modes in mobile wouldn’t be very surprising.

What are your opinions as COD Mobile Zombies mode is removed permanently from the game? Let us know in the comments section below!

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sarker the ghost rider

why but? i may have never play zombie mode before because I wasn’t a player of codm in that time it would be great if you guys brought back zombie mode a improve zombie mode with difficulty mode like normal hard etc with more enemies guns costom weapons etc

Loop Stevens

It’s likely that they only added in Zombies for one season on purpose so that people would buy COD: BOZ for more.

John P Lyons

I wonder if this had to do with it being owned by tencent. I heard skeletons had to be removed from certain games in China. We can’t have skeletons you know, you can only shoot living Uighurs there apparently.


I can’t Believe then what’s gonna come for S 10 they said something big is coming what else could be bigger than returning of Zombies


Ok Zombies is returning this game ain’t like PUBG where they would just remove a mode that was played a lot and remove it permanently they are gonna bring it back Zombies will come back and there isn’t any confirmation if there was There would be CODM leakers Making videos about it i dont believe any of this


if it is deleted why is still there zombie mode loadout?


Then why they still have the leaderboard for top players in zombie mode?

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