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COD Mobile Zombies Mode is being removed on March 25th

Before the launch, the zombies mode in Call of Duty Mobile was very hyped among the fans. But since the launch in Season 2, the response was not very impressive. Thus, the zombies mode in COD Mobile is finally being removed. Starting from March 25, 2020 players will not be able to play the zombies mode anymore.

On a recent community update, Activision has stated

After extensive evaluation we are sharing that ZOMBIES Mode is being removed on March 25th.

We had always mentioned it was limited but with no explicit end-date. We wanted to see the reception, see the feedback, and see how we can potentially shape the mode for the future. However, the mode just didn’t reach the level of quality that we desire. The second map, Nacht Der Untoten, is also not releasing in the global version

Will Zombies mode ever be back in COD Mobile?

While it is not a matter of concern for many, Zombies mode will probably be back again in the future. But for now, the zombies mode is being removed from COD Mobile as it did not match the expectations of the developers.

Also, from this statement, it is quite evident that the Call of Duty mobile community did not like the zombies mode. The initial hype fainted as the players found the zombies mode was poorly optimized and quite repetitive. The variety was lacking in this game mode. So probably it is one of the reasons why the players choose to avoid the zombie game mode.

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