News scam: Don’t fall into the trap

Avoid these until any official announcement arrives

Recently a website called has been making the rounds claiming to provide the Warzone experience for Android and iOS. Activision hasn’t announced the release of a mobile port of CoD Warzone. There have been rumors about it for a while, but there’s no mobile port of the game that anyone knows of. Perhaps it’s an unofficial port like that CS: GO mobile port that made the news a while ago. That doesn’t seem to be the case either since the website claims that Activision and Infinity Ward themselves are responsible for this.

Note the grammatical errors which a publisher as big as Activision would probably not make. Definitely sounds a bit fishy at this point and it gets even more dubious as we’re told how to download and run it.
fake cod warzone mobile scam

Ensuring safety from viruses and malware

Whenever there’s human verification where you have to complete a human verification involving surveys or running apps, you can be pretty sure that you’re being scammed. There are two options for downloading it – iOS (Apple) and APK (Android). Once the APK which was around 56 megabytes was downloaded, was used to scan it for viruses and malware.

Human Verification Rabbithole

It didn’t trigger anything major and then the file was run. At first, you get a legit-looking loading screen and then a cutscene starts. For about two or three seconds it actually seemed like something was going to work but then a notification popped up, prompting the need for a “Human Verification”. scam
avoid scam

You have no option but to click ok, which leads you to another site with a bunch of verification options. You have options for downloading an app, running it for 30 seconds and registering with personal details or just running an app for 30 seconds. And ultimately you’ll not get anything out of it. In short, beware and avoid being a victim of this scam!

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