Com2us showcased ‘Com2verse’, its upcoming metaverse project

It is said to mirror our real life as it is

Com2uS released a conceptual preview and a demonstration of their upcoming metaverse concept Com2verse. With the announcement of many NFT and Blockchain projects, it was about the time when the fans would get an update about the company’s metaverse project, and it seems the time has come.

Com2uS is getting on the metaverse train

Com2Us has been described as an “all in one” metaverse platform that is said to mirror our real life as it is. Societies, cultures, and economies are set to be transferred to the virtual world and mirror their real-life counterparts to the dot. This gives users an opportunity to live out an entirely new life completely separate from their real one.

Com2verse put out a live demonstration of the prototype of their upcoming metaverse concept. The concept features many different worlds. One of them is titled Office World which is said to be a smart workspace for professional organizations and employees.

The other world is titled Commercial World which provides services related to finance, medicine, and more. The third world is titled “Theme park world” which, as the name suggests consists of all leisure-related activities including but not limited to music, movies, video games, and much more.

The final world is called Community World where all kinds of social interaction take place. The four worlds seamlessly combine to form a virtual world that is essentially identical to our real one.

The entire ecosystem takes place in a city which is called Com2verse. Com2Us have dubbed this as a “space of life” rather than a service. The service itself is similar conceptually’s to Facebook’s (now Meta) meta-universe concept. It certainly will be interesting to see how this technology takes off when it comes to various fields in the future.

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