Combat Master set to relaunch as a new and improved game

Latest community QnA sheds lights on Alfa Bravo’s plans

Towards the end of last month, a game by the name of Combat Master blew up on mobile, and it quickly garnered a sizable player base. The game rose in popularity so quickly because of how closely it resembled Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and when it was at its prime, the game was finally struck down and removed from the Play Store and App Store due to copyright claims.

Now the fate of the game on the Play Store has been in limbo, although the game has been reinstated on the App Store. In the latest Community update on the Discord server that answered some major questions that fans had, quite a bit of information was revealed.

Combat Master will relaunch as a new game

First off, Alfa Bravo has not received any reply from the Google Play Store regarding the reinstatement of the game. However, this has now led them to come up with a new plan in case the game gets completely shut down due to copyright claims. Combat Master will be converted into a completely new game with all the issues related to copyright worked out. The devs would make changes to the UI, theme songs, sound effects, and all other elements that could possibly be claimed under copyright laws. The UI especially would be receiving a complete overhaul. In case this does happen, all purchases made in the original Combat Master game would either be refunded or transferred over into the new game.

The game will have new game modes

Additionally, the game will be moving from 3v3 gunfights to 6v6 gunfights, new game modes like Search and Destroy will be coming soon, Thermites will be removed while more grenades will be added, implementation of three different anti-cheats is in the works and skill-based matchmaking and Nukes are confirmed.

A fresh makeover coming soon to mobile devices

All that being said, getting the Combat Master to relaunch on the Google Play Store is Alfa Bravo’s biggest priority at this point and updates will come only after that is done. If the Google Play Store remains firm on their decision, it’s likely that Combat Master would have to make a return with a fresh coat of paint.

Update: As per the latest update from the developers, Combat Master is indeed shutting down, for now from the app stores after failing the appeal against the copyright claims. The game will definitely return revamped with new features and game modes in the upcoming days. The devs also announced that people who made in-app purchases in the game can get the same items free once the new game releases.

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I wish combat master returns back because the game play without inertnet ,the guns and skins,i wish it comes back so soon

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