Concordia Digital Edition: An adaptation to the classic board game is releasing today

Fans of the popular board game can now enjoy playing it digitally

Lots to be excited about for Concordia fans as Concordia: Digital Edition, an adaptation to the classic board game, is expected to release globally today on PC, Android, and iOS.

About Concordia: Digital Edition

Concordia is a highly popular strategy board game played among friends or family. The board game itself is capable of housing around 2-5 people per match. Although the game has been compared more than once to Monopoly, another popular board game, Concordia is much more complex and intricate. The premise and end goal of Concordia also greatly differs from Monopoly.

In Concordia, every player starts with a Roman trading house and must work their way up to extend the influence of their empire. Unlike Monopoly, where wealth is the main factor in determining the winner/final standings, Concordia ranks players based on their devotion to various Roman gods. The game ends only when a player has unlocked the final two “personality” cards.

Concordia: Digital Edition release
Concordia: Digital Edition gameplay

What can players expect

As the name suggests, it is the virtual rendition of the popular board game similar to how Monopoly was released on smartphone devices by Marmalade Game Studios, which proved to be a super hit. The digital edition of Concordia has been developed by Acram Digital.

The main selling point of the game appears to be the infinite amount of replayability it has. While the board game is limited to only one map, the digital edition is set to feature numerous maps and expansions, thus giving players a reason to keep coming back. Players can play games either against the AI or among their friends and the game is expected to support cross-platform play as well.

With the coronavirus pandemic still forcing restrictions in some parts of the world, Concordia: Digital Edition might be a great way for people to spend time with their friends or family. The game is soon expected to be available on Android and iOS as a premium title.

Are you excited about the release of Concordia: Digital Edition? Let us know in the comments below!

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