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Cookie Run: Kingdom April 2022 update introduces a new epic cookie, new server and more

The new Cookie Run: Kingdom April 2022 update is out now, and players will find lots of major changes in the game such as a new Epic Cookie, additional kingdom decoration features, and a new server.

Cherry Blossom Cookie is the newest Epic cookie, and she’s a cheerful character who likes to offer everyone sandwiches and tea. She’s an Ambush class and is positioned on the rear part of the team. Her skill deals with area damage, so she’s great for crowd control.

Cookie Run Kingdom April 2022 update
Image via Devsisters

An interesting thing about her skill is that she deals more damage to non-cookie enemies than cookie enemies (the opposite of Caramel Arrow Cookie and Sorbet Shark Cookie), along with increasing the ATK of all her allies depending on the number of enemies that she managed to hit with her skill.

Spend your saved crystals on her banner now, since her banner isn’t going to be here for long. Her featured banner lasts for a total of 14 days, and if you can you should try to pull multiple copies of her for her promotion event. She’s also in a bond with Raspberry, Parfait, and Cherry Cookie. (Cherry Cookie is a Rare character, and shouldn’t be confused with Cherry Blossom Cookie.) A new Story Quest that features her will be added to the game, entitled “The Best Spring Picnic Ever“.

Three new Cookie Bonds are added to the game, which is helpful for boosting your cookies’ stats, such as HP, ATK, and DEF. The higher the promotion level you have for the cookies featured in the bonds, the better the stat upgrades are. Remember that the bonds upgrade the stats for all of the cookies you own, not just the ones featured in the bond stories. The new bonds are:

Additional Cookie Bonds
Image via Devsisters
  • A Mid-spring Night’s Rice Cake Party
    • Features: Caramel Arrow Cookie, Moon Rabbit Cookie, Kumiho Cookie, and Affogato Cookie
  • The Greedy Dragon of the Cacao Woods
    • Features: Cocoa Cookie, Cotton Cookie, Snow Sugar Cookie, Tea Knight Cookie, and Eclair Cookie.
  • Singing in the Cherry Blossom Rain
    • Features: Cherry Blossom Cookie, Cherry Cookie, Parfait Cookie, and Raspberry Cookie.
7 New Cookie Costumes
Image via Devsisters

If you’ve been saving up your Rainbow Cubes (which are gained from coupon codes, Alliance season rewards, and Mileage Shop) you’ll be able to pull in the Costume Gacha. There are 7 new costumes, but you’ll have to be lucky to get some of them since there’s no featured banner for them. These new costumes feature adorable and casual clothing.

Kingdom Layout Presets and Improvements

Decorating your kingdom is going to be a lot easier from now on since a new “saving” feature is available. You can save your favorite designs in the game’s two preset slots, but you can purchase an additional extra three slots. All the placed buildings and tiles will be saved. This feature is available for all players with a Cookie Castle Level 5 and above.

Another added feature is the store all button, which places all your current buildings and tiles in your kingdom into your storage, making it easier to start a design from scratch. Sugar Gnome Huts can also be stored without disrupting your gnome’s current constructions and upgrades.

Kingdom Layout
Image via Devsisters

Buildings that are currently producing goods and materials can still be placed in storage, and you’ll still receive their produced objects, but you’ll have to place the building again if you want to make a new production queue. Additionally, you can now store buildings that are in the middle of construction. The sugar gnomes will still continue constructing in the background even when the building is stored.

New Decor Theme: Springtime Blossom Picnic Party

This adorable pastel decoration theme will only be in the game for a limited time, so be sure to purchase them while you still can. This theme is seasonal, so it will only be available again next spring. Another thing to note about this set is that it can’t be purchased with crystals or coins.

You’ll have to use the event exclusive currency instead, which is available from playing event missions or purchasing them in the shop.

New Decor
Image via Devsisters

If you have certain decorations and buildings that you love having in your kingdom, then be sure to save them in the “Favorite” feature so you can easily access them.

Touc’s Trade Harbor: Dock 2 Open

Touc's Trade Harbor Dock 2 Open
Image via Devsisters

You can start building this new section of Touc’s Trade Harbor once you reach Castle Level 12. Be sure to save up your Rainbow Pearls too, since constructing it costs 5000 Rainbow Pearls. You’ll want to construct the second dock as soon as you can since it provides you with more Rainbow Pearls and Sea Rarities in the long run since you’ll have two harbors instead of one. Additionally, the Rainbow Shell Gallery now restocks every two days instead of three, letting you buy Legendary soulstones, Guild Relics, and other resources in the game much faster.

New Changes to Alliance Game Mode

Alliance Mode has received multiple improvements, making it easier for you to do your best in this tough game mode. Time Jumpers can now be used in Alliance, which means you’ll get the rewards for the highest wave you’ve finished in a season. It costs five Time Jumpers per skip, so make sure you have enough Time Jumpers beforehand; Time Jumpers are available from the Arena Medal Shop or from Balloon Exploration missions.

However, note that when you skip a round of Alliance, you won’t be able to choose a Relic chest category, and the game will just give you a random one. Another drawback is that Time Jumpers won’t be available as rewards from the chest.

Other added features are the Practice Mode, which lets you practice the highest wave you have reached in a season, instead of where you left off in your ongoing run, and the automatic team selection, which uses the next team available once your current team is defeated. Donating relics will be a lot easier too since a new Guild Museum shortcut is being included in the Alliance lobby.

New Server: Dark Cacao Server

Dark Cacao Cookie
Image via Devsisters

in this Cookie Run: Kingdom April 2022 update, the long-awaited Dark Cacao Server has arrived! Players can now choose Dark Cacao as their server. If you already have an account on another server, remember to make a new DevPlay account so you can access the new server, compete in the arena, and test your luck in the gacha rolls.

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