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Cookie Run: Kingdom Version 5.2 update “The Cookie Laboratorium” is set to release on March 2nd, 2024

Another new update on the horizon!

Cookie Run: Kingdom is set to release the new Version 5.2 update “The Cookie Laboratorium” on March 2nd, 2024. The update will be available after maintenance which will be held around 14:00 to 19:00 (GMT +9). The new update is a direct continuation of the story that takes place in Version 5.0 and has brought us an additional cast of Cookies to be playable as well. Let’s take a look at the list of new features coming with the March 2nd update! ​

Some portions of this update’s content may change before its release. The finalized changes will be available in the patch notes once the update is complete. As it is, the new update will be filled with new content such as new Cookies, New Episodes, Limited Events, ToppingsTreasures, QoL updates, and more!

  • Rarity: Super Epic
  • Type: Defense
  • Position: Front

The Silvery Guardian of the Faerie Kingdom, Elder Faerie Cookie has joined the Cookie Kingdom! Elder Faerie Cookie is a Defense Cookie who uses the skill “Guardian’s Valor.”

Skill Description: Elder Faerie Cookie strikes down his sword containing Prism Energy to deal damage, taunt enemies, and purify debuffs on himself. Upon using his skill, the energy in the sword causes an explosion, dealing more damage, applying Injury, and reducing the amount of Healing enemies receive.

Cookie Run Kingdom Elder Faerie Cookie
Image via Devsisters

He shields his allies with an HP Shield proportional to his ally Cookies’ Max HP, and the shield capacity increases with more buffs applied on Elder Faerie Cookie. Elder Faerie Cookie grants a Prism Shard and applies a DMG Resist buff to himself, White Lily Cookie, and a Cookie with the highest ATK (or two Cookies with the highest ATK if White Lily Cookie is not in the team). If Elder Faerie Cookie has the Beascuit HP upgrade, he can apply Prism Shards to more allies.

A Prism Shard charge will heal the target’s HP for a certain time. Unlike other Cookies, White Lily Cookie will gain two Prism Shards. Elder Faerie’s DMG Resist will increase when affected by a debuff. While Elder Faerie Cookie is using his skill, he will briefly become resistant to interrupting effects.

  • Rarity: Epic
  • Type: Magic
  • Position: Middle

The sinister, scheming Matcha Cookie has joined the Cookie Kingdom! Matcha Cookie is a Magic Cookie that uses the skill “Sinister Scheme.”

Skill Description: Matcha Cookie summons Tea Seeds at the enemies’ location and causes an explosion. The Tea Seeds poison enemies, amplify debuff effects and increase the duration of Poison-type Periodic DMG inflicted by the team. At times, Matcha Malice may manifest from a Tea Seed, shackling a random enemy, dealing damage, Cursing them, and applying Healing and Amplify DMG debuffs.

Cookie Run Kingdom Elder Faerie Cookie
Image via Devsisters

Matcha Malice is even applied to Cookies that are resistant to interrupting effects. At the end of the skill’s duration, Matcha Malice will deal with explosion DMG and apply Silence. The chance of Matcha Malice‘s appearance will increase with more debuffs applied to Matcha Cookie. While Matcha Cookie uses her skill, she will briefly become resistant to interrupting effects.

Balloon Dock: Beast-Yeast Expeditions

It’s time to travel to the Faerie Kingdom! The Sugar Gnomes have been working tirelessly to make it possible for your Cookies to go on Balloon Expeditions to the faraway Beast-Yeast! Balloon Expeditions are available for the Beast-Yeast episodes. Clear Stage 1-30 in Beast-Yeast to unlock this feature

Cookie Run Kingdom Version 5.2 update
Image via Devsisters

Obtain Beascuits, Biscuit Dough, Bites, and Yeast Ore from these expeditions. There is also a certain chance of finding Yeast Ore depending on the Cookies’ conditions. Yeast Ore varies depending on the episode, each imbued with different effects. Once all available Yeast Ore is found, Beascuit Dough will be acquired instead.

Faerie Kingdom Battle

The Faerie Kingdom is in grave danger…! It is time to fight together! The Faerie Kingdom Battle is a server-wide event. Get ready for battle in the Preparation Round by leveling up Ally Cookies, and fight off the Megadough in the Boss Battle Round. Protect the Faerie Kingdom with the aid of your Cookie Allies and other Kingdoms!

Cookie Run Kingdom Version 5.2 update
Image via Devsisters

Clear Crispia, World Exploration Story 2-10 to unlock this event mode. The Faerie Kingdom Battle is a server-wide World Battle that consists of two rounds: Preparation and Boss Battle. Level up Ally Cookies’ skills in the Preparation Round to make the team stronger.

Daily Rewards will be given depending on the number of attempts you have in the Boss Battle Round. The scores might not be updated in real time as the Faerie Kingdom Battle is a server-wide event. Boss Battle Rounds are held every Wednesday and Sunday, and the boss can be fought by using Battle Horns. Additional Cookies enter the battle depending on the Cookies’ Promotion/Ascension levels.

Cookie Run Kingdom Version 5.2 update
Image via Devsisters

Earn Contribution Points during the Boss Battle Round by attacking the Boss to receive Ranking Rewards. Earning a certain amount of Contribution Points will change the status of the Boss and apply a debuff. Use Preparation Round Tickets during the Preparation Round to level up Ally Cookies’ skills. Take part in preparation battles, missions, and supply activities in the Preparation Round.

  • Missions: select the desired mission and clear it multiple times. After clearing the selected mission, use Preparation Round Tickets to claim Contribution Points and Ally Skill Level EXP.
  • Supply Lines: use Preparation Round Tickets to deliver supplies to earn Contribution Points and Ally Skill Level EXP.

There are various activities prepared for the players in the Faerie Kingdom Battle. Cookies assisted in the Preparation Round will aid the player in the Boss Battle Round. Enjoy various battles and missions, and earn special effects to win against the Boss monster.

  • Expeditions no longer require Stamina Jellies.
  • Cookies sent for expedition no longer disappear from the Kingdom, so it’s possible to send Cookies currently involved in production.
  • Added a new Quit button at the right end of the button row and a scroll bar in the Dialogue screen.
  • The existing SKIP button’s text has been changed to an icon.
  • The SKIP button has been added to all cutscenes, including Gacha and Promotion/Ascension, but excluding the mid-battle ones.

That was all about the Cookie Run Kingdom Version 5.2 update!

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