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Cookie Run: Kingdom Cookies Tier List for December 2023

Choose from only the best cookies of this month!

Cookie Run: Kingdom– Kingdom Builder & Battle RPG has released a new assortment of amazing Cookies recently. Coupling with some cookies receiving Magic Candies, the META for the PvE in the game has also changed drastically. Cookie Run Kingdom is famous for its story, variety of Cookie characters, and of course the addicting Battle Arenas of competing for the top in the Seasonal Rankings. As such, here is a guide to the updated Cookie Run: Kingdom Cookies Tier List for PvP Challenges in the game as of Version 4.14.

The Cookie Run: Kingdom Cookies Tier List provided here should only be taken as a reference because the game has various modes and some characters may outperform others or are suited for a very particular role. This is an overall tier list based on the character’s viability and overall usefulness in the game.

TierCookies (PvE)
 Overpowered (S+)Golden Cheese Cookie, Snow Sugar Cookie, Burnt Cheese Cookie, Icicle Yeti Cookie, Fettuccine Cookie, Crimson Coral Cookie, Snapdragon Cookie, Stardust Cookie, Frost Queen Cookie, Black Pearl Cookie
  Strong (S)Sherbet Cookie, Hollyberry Cookie, Parfait Cookie, Pure Vanilla Cookie, Moonlight Cookie, Pitaya Cookie, Sorbet Shark Cookie, Tea Knight Cookie, Sea Fairy Cookie
 Good (A)Frilled Jellyfish Cookie, Blueberry Pie Cookie, Rockstar Cookie, Peppermint Cookie, Shining Glitter Cookie, Black Lemonade Cookie, Capsaicin Cookie, Herb Cookie, Space Doughnut, Captain Caviar Cookie, Squid Ink Cookie, Pinecone Cookie, Cream Puff Cookie, Black Raisin Cookie, BTS Cookies, Vampire Cookie, Clotted Cream Cookie
Decent (B)Schwarzwalder, Madeleine Cookie, Kouign-Amann Cookie, Milky Way Cookie, Werewolf Cookie, Prune Juice Cookie, Wildberry Cookie, Mala Sauce Cookie, Financier Cookie, Dark Cacao Cookie, Purple Yam Cookie, Crunchy Chip Cookie, Mango Cookie, Espresso Cookie
Average (C)Éclair Cookie, Mozzarella Cookie, Royal Margarine Cookie, Caramel Arrow Cookie, Latte Cookie, Tarte Tatin Cookie, Cream Unicorn Cookie, Prophet Cookie, Rye Cookie, Red Velvet Cookie, Licorice Cookie, Pumpkin Pie Cookie, Carol Cookie, Cotton Cookie, Pomegranate Cookie, Macaron Cookie, Oyster Cookie
Weak (D)Olive Cookie, Almond Cookie, Affogato Cookie, Cocoa Cookie, Strawberry Crepe Cookie, Milk Cookie, Candy Driver Cookie, Dark Choco Cookie, Twizzly Gummy Cookie, Poison Mushroom Cookie, Cherry Blossom Cookie, Raspberry Cookie, Chili Pepper Cookie, Tiger Lily Cookie, Sparkling Cookie, Lilac Cookie, Pastry Cookie, Moon Rabbit Cookie, Kumiho Cookie, Mint Choco Cookie
Not Worth Using (F)Fig Cookie, Sonic Cookie, Tails Cookie.
Cookie Run: Kingdom Cookies Tier List
Cookie Run Kingdom Golden Cheese Cookie
Image via Devsisters

It’s no surprise that Golden Cheese Cookie has put herself high up in the META with her busted kit and the varying amounts of abilities she provides to herself and her team. She truly brings the Rarity ”Ancient” alive now. The META is not very F2P friendly with how it constantly changes each patch but Golden Cheese Cookie seems like she will not be power-crept for several months at least.

Snow Sugar Cookie, just like every other previously released Cookie back during the early days of the game, has fallen completely out of META afterward. As such with the new Magic Candy given to them, they became more viable to be used in PvE and PvP battles. With the release of their Magic Candy and the immense damage boost of Frost Queen Cookie, both will be paired together side by side in these next few patch runs due to their cracked team comps.

Cookie Run Kingdom Burnt Cheese Cookie
Image via Devsisters

Burnt Cheese Cookie is a great unit to have on your roster especially with Golden Cheese Cookie since they synergize so well with their Skills. Even without Golden Cheese Cookie in the party, Burnt Cheese Cookie can still be great and sustain well on its own. Overall he’s a good unit to have in both PvP and PvE modes. Both Burnt Cheese Cookie and Golden Cheese Cookie are used together and are at the top META team for Kingdom Arenas.

The Frost Queen Cookie temporarily stuns all the enemy Cookies by freezing them which allows ample time to let your other Cookies deal massive amounts of damage in this stunned state. With her obtaining the Soul Jam, her Skill and Kit improved significantly.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Black Pearl Cookie Cover
Image via Devsisters

Black Pearl Cookie received a significant buff due to the Crystal Jam that has been released. Her placement in the META shot up high and with her busted kit and type, it seems like she may very well stay in this position for a prolonged time just like Stardust, Moonlight, etc. Of course, her Crystal Jam will be difficult to max out to reach her full potential but eventually, she will be used more frequently in Arenas.

Icicle Yeti Cookie
Image via Devsisters

Icicle Yeti Cookie is a pretty good Healing Cookie, providing a Shield, buffs, Freeze resistance, and periodic healing to the team. Additionally, they deal some Icicle damage after going back from their Yeti phase. One of the downsides of Icicle Yeti Cookie is their position, which is at the Front. Although they take the Front position once the Skill is activated. Overall, a great unit to acquire in the roster especially since you can get them for free.

Fettuccine Cookie is a pretty good Defense unit especially since she tanks a lot of the damage and can therefore be a damage mitigator for the team since she can self-heal herself. Not only that, she provides a handful of debuffs to the enemy team. Her placement in the META is pretty good and very F2P as a result.

Crimson Coral Cookie has slight situational requirements that you need to follow to fully gain the buffs to all of your Cookie allies. Even so, the requirement does not prevent her from being the best Defense Cookie right now in the game. She outperforms Hollyberry Cookie quite easily and is an amazing unit to have in Kingdom Arenas. Overall, you do not want to miss out on getting Crimson Coral Cookie on your team roster.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Snapdragon Cookie
Image via Devsisters

Snapdragon Cookie is the new addition of Special Cookie ever since the BTS Cookies. Snapdragon Cookie has significant power crept the BTS Cookies and ended up being one of the best Supports currently in the game. Snapdragon Cookie provides an assortment of buffs to the team and is easy to build due to their Special rarity. It is highly recommended that players try to obtain Snapdragon Cookie as it seems to be a great Cookie to add to your roster.  

Cookie Run Kingdom Stardust
Image via Devsisters

Despite having such tough competition in the Ambush Cookie category such as Black Pearl Cookie and Vampire Cookie, Stardust Cookie proves himself to be a great addition to the game. Even more so if he is paired up with Moonlight Cookie to deal extra damage when the enemies are sleeping. Stacking Crit onto him is the best way to go as he has the potential to be a Nuke. 

Pitaya Dragon Cookie brings in a new addition of Rarity in the game introducing Dragon-like Cookies. Pitaya Dragon was originally meant to be a Legendary Cookie but was later made into a Dragon rarity. As Rarity falls within both Legendary and Ancients, it is important to not underestimate Pitaya Dragon’s kit and play style as it seems to be excellent to have at the party. 

Ranking Tiers of Newly Added Cookies

Image via Devsisters
  • Frilled Jellyfish Cookie (S Tier): Frilled Jellyfish Cookie is a solid Cookie to add to the roster due to the abundance of debuffs she puts on the enemy team. Even her niche ability of periodically healing her teammates after dying is a great nifty trick to have especially in Kingdom Arena PvP matches. Overall, Frilled Jellyfish Cookie is a solid META Cookie and you should pull for her.
  • Blueberry Pie Cookie (S Tier): With the added Cookies, especially with Moonlight Cookie involved, their kit and skills are more catered towards stacking their damages when the enemies are fast Asleep. This is why it is recommended that players play Blueberry Pie Cookie with Moonlight Cookie and have them on the same team. Moonlight Cookie’s ability to have the enemy be Asleep and in short be vulnerable to damage can help to grant Blueberry Pie Cookie’s stacks of Greed. 
  • Rockstar Cookie (S Tier): It has been a while since the game released a viable Healing Cookie as a playable character that can stand equally as Pure Vanilla Cookie in terms of healing potential. Rockstar Cookie’s healing abilities can outperform Pure Vanilla Cookie and currently may stand as the best Healing Cookie in the game. His buffs that are added to his teammates are surprisingly good and may very well be the best F2P Healing Cookie option for those who lack Pure Vanilla in their roster. 
Cookie Run: Kingdom Shining Glitter Cookie
Image via Devsisters
  • Peppermint Cookie (S Tier): Peppermint Cookie is overall a great Support Cookie to have in your roster due to their abilities to provide an assortment amount of buffs and help to the team. Peppermint Cookie can heal, provide an HP shield, increase resistance, and even deal a considerable amount of DMG to enemies. The healing they provide can rival Parfait Cookie and can be a great alternative if you need a good healer in your team.
  • Shining Glitter Cookie (S Tier): Shining Glitter Cookie is a confusing Cookie to place in terms of how well she performs in the META of the game. Despite being a Super Epic Cookie, her kit and damage are quite underwhelming compared to the previous Super Epic Cookies we have received so far such as Stardust Cookie, Capsaicin Cookie, etc. Her kit and play style is unique and as a result, she does not synergize well with most of the existing Cookies.
  • Black Lemonade Cookie (S Tier): Black Lemonade Cookie is a good Bomber Cookie that can destroy heavy tank teams and can provide insane buffs to your other Cookies. Shining Glitter Cookie has become more viable to play with and can provide high amounts of damage due to the release of Black Lemonade Cookie. They are very compatible together and as such should be used more in team comps. Black Lemonade Cookie seems to be a very promising Cooke in the long run and very F2P friendly for players who play in Kingdom Arenas. 
  • Capsaicin Cookie (S Tier): Capsaicin Cookie has a great kit and is added to the great roster of Charge Cookies such as the Ancient Cookie, Dark Cacao Cookie, and even the recent Milky Way Cookie. He proves himself to be a great addition to the game due to his ability to stagger the enemies and utilize the new Elemental reactions such as Burn.
  • Space Doughnut (S Tier): Space Doughnut has a great option of temporarily letting the enemies be vulnerable to damage. As an Ambush Cookie, they have many great qualities to bring to the Roster, especially when paired with other Cookies that have low Cooldowns with their Skill.  
  • Kouign-Amann Cookie (A Tier): Kouign-Amann Cookie has been targeted a lot due to her similarities to Dark Cacao Cookie’s Skill. She is a great addition to the Defense roster due to her ability to provide ATK SPD and ATK buffs to her other teammates. With a double Defense team comp, she can excel well in the party. Overall, she is a great Epic Cookie to have on your team. 
  • Prune Juice Cookie (A Tier): Prune Juice Cookie is another Cookie that can deal Poison damage, enabling PvE game modes to run much easier. He can be paired up with other Poison-focused Cookies such as Affogato Cookie or Poison Mushroom Cookie to build a pure Poison team. Overall, he is a great Epic Cookie to have at your party.
Cookie Run Kingdom Version 4.4 Royal Margarine Cookie
Image via Devsisters
  • Mozzarella Cookie (B Tier): Mozzarella Cookie is a better-released Cookie than Olive Cookie although she might be quite underwhelming to use, especially in the PvP Kingdom Arena battles. She provides good buffs and deals damage at the same time. The only downside to her kit is how incredibly vulnerable she is during battles as Mozzarella Cookie can die very early off during the matches. Overall, she is an above-average viable Cookie in the game.
  • Royal Margarine Cookie (B Tier): Royal Margarine Cookie is in a tough spot for the META as he is a very average Ambush Cookie in the game that gets outshined by other similar Cookies with the same type of Rarity. His kit is geared towards a more Support way for Poison Cookies to amplify their damage and hence will often be paired with Prune Juice Cookie. For now, Royal Margarine Cookie is best suited in Guild Battles/Exploration rather than the PvP Arena Battles. 
  • Tarte Tatin Cookie (B Tier): It has been a while since the game released a Ranged Cookie as a playable character. The roster of Ranged Cookies has lacked in terms of dealing damage to enemies and is only utilized in specific boss runs. Tarte Tatin Cookie despite being new has quite a few setbacks due to how her Skill works and can dish out underwhelming damage numbers. The only way to solve her problems is if she somehow gets her own Magic Candy soon. 

Final Thoughts

As the META is constantly shifting for PvP battles, players should not be disheartened about wanting certain cookies for their team. Many of the Cookies from the B tier above can be viable to use in these arena battles if they are built right. As for the best team compositions, the team seems to always seem the same with the party having 2x Defense Cookies and 1x Healer Cookie and the rest of the two Slots can be filled with Cookies that deal AoE damage or provide any additional Support.

What do you think about this Cookie Run: Kingdom Cookies Tier List for December 2023? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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