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Cookie Run: Kingdom Cookies Tier List for December 2022

Choose from only the best cookies of this month!

Cookie Run: Kingdom– Kingdom Builder & Battle RPG game is a new addition to the famous Cookie Run RPG game series. This game is about building a dream Cookie Kingdom while fighting against evil desert monsters. For a new player, choosing good characters at the start may seem like a daunting task, so here is our Cookie Run: Kingdom Tier List of the best Cookies to give you insight on who to pick for your troops for December 2022.

The tier list provided here should only be taken as a reference because the game has various modes and some characters may outperform others or are suited for a very particular role. This is an overall tier list based on the character’s viability and overall usefulness in the game.

Overpowered (S+) Hollyberry Cookie,
Strawberry Crepe Cookie,
Dark Choco Cookie
Sea Fairy Cookie,
Frost Queen Cookie,
Eclair Cookie,
Pumpkin Pie Cookie,
Sorbet Shark Cookie
Pure Vanilla Cookie,
Cotton Cookie,
Parfait Cookie,
Vampire Cookie
Strong (S) Cocoa Cookie,
Tea Knight Cookie,
Moon Rabbit Cookie,
Kumiho Cookie,
Milk Cookie
Latte Cookie,
Espresso Cookie,
Black Raisin Cookie,
Licorice Cookie,
Poison Mushroom Cookie
Twizzly Gummy Cookie,
Parfait Cookie,
Herb Cookie,
Rye Cookie,
Cream Puff Cookie
Good (A) Madeleine Cookie,
Mala Sauce Cookie,
Raspberry Cookie,
Gingerbrave Cookie,
Red Velvet Cookie,
Princess Cookie
Snow Sugar Cookie,
Lilac Cookie,
Mango Cookie Cookie,
Squid Ink Cookie,
Sonic Cookie,
Adventurer Cookie
Tiger Lily Cookie,
Pastry Cookie,
Custard the 3rd Cookie,
Mint Choco Cookie,
Pomegranate Cookie,
Cherry Cookie,
Almond Cookie
Average (B) Avocado Cookie,
Knight Cookie
Tails Cookie,
Onion Cookie,
Ninja Cookie,
Wizard Cookie,
Carrot Cookie,
Chili Pepper Cookie,
Devil Cookie
Pancake Cookie,
Sparkling Cookie,
Blackberry Cookie,
Beet Cookie,
Angel Cookie
Weak (C) Purple Yam Cookie,
Wolf Cookie,
Strawberry Cookie,
Muscle Cookie
Fig Cookie,
Alchemist Cookie
Gumball Cookie,
Clover Cookie
Cookie Run: Kingdom Cookies Tier List for December 2022

Arguably the most powerful cookie in the game, she deals very heavy damage and stuns up to 5 enemies. Her only downside is that she’s a really rare pull from the Cookie Gacha, so as a F2P player you’d have to buy her soulstones from the Rainbow Shell Gallery. That is if you’re lucky and the soul stone being sold isn’t Frost Queen’s.

sea fairy cookie Cookie Run: Kingdom Cookies Tier List
Sea Fairy Cookie (Image via Devsisters)

She’s used in every mode in-game mode except Guild Battle because she’s more used for crowd control instead of tanky single targets, but she’ll still deal good damage against the boss if you don’t have other cookies built.

The first Ancient released in the game, Pure Vanilla isn’t as widely used in the arena because of the 3 Epic+ maximum rule, but he’s still the best healer! He’s commonly used with Cotton Cookie in Arena so you can have the best double healer team. Add great damage dealers and a good tank, and you’d be practically invincible.

pure vanilla cookie
Pure Vanilla Cookie (Image via Devsisters)

Run Swift Chocolate toppings on him so he can provide his shields more often, which are great because they provide extra defense for your whole team. It even works on summoned creatures!

Widely regarded as the best Epic tank in the game, their skill knocks back enemies and then gives a 50% DEF increase for two of their allies with the lowest HP. They’re a lot more reliable than other Defense cookies, seeing as Cocoa Cookie usually needs another tank for survivability and Moon Rabbit Cookie‘s skill is unpredictable and less helpful as you progress in the arena and face higher-level cookies.

strawberry crepe cookie Cookie Run: Kingdom Cookies Tier List
Strawberry Crepe Cookie (Image via Devsisters)

Equip Swift Chocolate toppings on them so they can use their skill more often; you should aim for a 3-second start in the arena, and try to get high DMG to resist substats so they’ll last longer and protect your team better.

Even though she’s one of the frailest Epic Cookies, she makes up for it with her high attack and tanky Pompon; she basically gives you an additional tank with a lot of melee damage too. Pair her with Cotton Cookie, which gives summoned creatures an ATK boost, and she will carry you for most of Story Mode, most notably World 9, where Pompon prevents the Wafflebot’s knockback effect.

pumpkin pie cookie
Pumpkin Pie Cookie (Image via Devsisters)

Use the Seamstress’s Pincushion for maximum damage output. You can use her in the arena with Snow Sugar Cookie and Cotton Cookie to make a Summoner Comp, which is a popular meta.

black raisin cookie Cookie Run: Kingdom Cookies Tier List
Black Raisin Cookie (Image via Devsisters)

She is a great AOE damage dealer. While the Black Raisin Cookie doesn’t deal as much damage as a Legendary or provide stun/freeze effects, she’s still good for crowd control. What’s more, is she’s an ambush cookie; she avoids enemy attacks while she’s using her skill, saving herself from getting unnecessary damage.

She’s tankier than Strawberry Crepe, and unlike Strawberry Crepe, she can decrease damage from your whole team instead of just two cookies. She also deals decent attacks for a Defense cookie. The only downside to Hollyberry is that her DMG Focus skill can end up killing her too, and that’s why you’ll need to equip Whole Almond toppings on her with really high DMG Resist substats.

hollyberry cookie
Hollyberry Cookie (Image via Devsisters)

A good total stat to aim for is 40% damage resistance. Aside from getting lucky from gacha pulls, the only way to get her is to buy her soulstones in Arena Medal Shop. There’s a 50/50 chance of her soulstone being sold instead of Pure Vanilla.

Based on The Snow Queen fairytale, she’s the second Legendary in the game and you can buy her soulstones in the Rainbow Shell Gallery. While not as useful as Sea Fairy for PVE, she’s still a heavy area damage dealer and her freezing utility is extremely helpful.

frost queen cookie Cookie Run: Kingdom Cookies Tier List
Frost Queen Cookie (Image via Devsisters)

Unfortunately, her freezing effect doesn’t work on bosses, and the majority of her damage relies on successfully freezing her opponents. Thankfully, not a lot of cookies can avoid her skill.

You’d be hardpressed to find a cookie team in the arena that doesn’t use Cotton. She’s extremely versatile; she has good healing, stuns, releases sheep minions, and provides an ATK boost for summoned creatures.

cotton cookie
Cotton Cookie (Image via Devsisters)

She’s so overpowered that even arena teams that don’t use summoners use her. You can run all Swift Chocolate toppings on her so she’ll have a 3-second starting cooldown, or mix in some Whole Almonds for more survivability.

Useful in countering Frost Queen’s freeze damage, she is a common choice in the Masters rank because of her 40% debuff cleanse. This means Frost Queen’s damage will be almost halved!

parfait cookie Cookie Run: Kingdom Cookies Tier List
Parfait Cookie (Image via Devsisters)

She’s a little hard to build because she uses Support powders, and right now most players invest in Cotton or Eclair first before investing in Parfait, who’s more lacking on damage compared to the other two cookies.

She’s a part of the current arena meta due to her being the only cookie that can counter stuns. A lot of comps in the arena rely on cookies that use stuns, for example, Sea Fairy, Cotton, and/or Tiger Lily. While stun immunity might not seem like a big deal, it’s really useful because otherwise, you lose out on damaging your opponents while the enemy gets to deal additional damage on your cookies.

cocoa cookie
Cocoa Cookie (Image via Devsisters)

Cocoa Cookie has a handful of other skills too; she knocks back opponents, keeps your cookies safe from melee damage, and heals all her allied cookies. She’s resistant to interrupting effects while using her skill.

He’s a decent tank and deals good area damage, but Dark Choco is a necessity for guild battles and bosses because of his 30% defense decrease on enemies.

dark choco cookie
Dark Choco Cookie (Image via Devsisters)

However, in normal adventure mode stages and higher arena ranks, he’s outclassed by tankier defense cookies like Hollyberry Cookie and Strawberry Crepe Cookie.

Currently the best single target cookie, he attacks the rearmost enemy, which is usually the boss in PvE or the enemy healer in the arena. He is commonly used in tandem with the Slingshot Treasure, which decreases the rearmost enemy’s defense.

vampie cookie Cookie Run: Kingdom Cookies Tier List
Vampie Cookie (Image via Devsisters)

What’s more, his Vampirism skill is really useful, since he heals himself every time he attacks. This is especially great because you won’t have to worry about constantly healing him.

One of the new cookies released in the update, Eclair is an extremely powerful support. He provides a Weakness debuff, which makes the enemies take 25% more damage for 40 seconds. If that’s not OP enough, the effect stacks up to 4 times!

eclair cookie
Eclair Cookie (Image via Devsisters)

He’s useful for every game mode, and particularly helpful for bosses because bosses tend to be really tanky. He’s been quickly gaining popularity in the arena too because he helps your AOE damage cookies pack a heavier punch.

Sorbet Shark attacks the frontline of the enemies, dealing area damage. They’re one of the best Epic attackers in the game, alongside Black Raisin Cookie. Generally, you’ll use Sorbet Shark if you’re more concerned about the front enemies, and Black Raisin for a more widespread attack range.

sorbet shark cookie
Sorbet Shark Cookie (Image via Devsisters)

Additionally, they deal true damage to cookies (even cookie bosses!), which makes them a good cookie to use in the arena. However, they’re not as popular in the arena meta right now because their true damage skill only applies to two cookies, while there are other attackers that can target more cookies at a time.

Poison Mushroom is good for bosses and the Guild Dragon. They deal heavy damage over time for 10 seconds. They’re not as used in other game modes, so building them isn’t a priority. Still, they’re one of the best cookies to use for Guild so if you’re already content with how your arena and PVE team is built, you can start leveling them up.

poison mushroom cookie
Poison Mushroom Cookie (Image via Devsisters)

They use Bomber Skill Powders, which is a plus because there aren’t a lot of good bombers in the game so you’ll probably have a lot of it lying around anyway. Use Searing Raspberries on them for maximum attack.

What do you think about this Cookie Run: Kingdom Cookies Tier List for December 2022? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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