Cronos launched Cronos Play to enhance its quality of Play-to-Earn gaming

Cronos Play comes with ChainSafe integrated!

Cronos has quietly launched its Cronos Play developer tools earlier this month, and it could have big implications for the world of blockchain-based play-to-earn gaming, giving developers everything they need to come up with more immersive experiences and ultra-realistic graphics.

Introducing Cronos Play, Cronos’ gift to the Web3 gaming

Cronos Play is a modular suite of developer tools and services designed to help them create more compelling GameFi applications on the Cronos blockchain. Notably, Cronos Play provides support for a number of high-end gaming engines, including Unreal Engine 5, which most famously powers Fortnite, plus the Unity Engine that powers games including Pokémon Go and Call of Duty: Mobile, as well as movies such as the 2019 remake of The Lion King.

It also supports the incredibly popular C++ programming language that’s a favorite of game developers. The launch of Cronos Play is a key part of Cronos’s strategy to bring millions of video game enthusiasts to the burgeoning world of Web3 gaming.

The potential of emerging P2E titles to traditional mobile games

A lot has been written about the potential of P2E games, which take advantage of the unique capabilities of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to enable players to earn an income simply from playing games. However, the best-known P2E titles, such as Axie Infinity, are often criticized by traditional video game enthusiasts.

They claim that the gaming experience is too dull, and critics say many of Axie’s players – most of whom are based in low-income countries like the Philippines – see playing the game as a chore that they endure simply to earn money, rather than an enjoyable way to spend their time. The P2E gaming model clearly has big potential but it will only realize it if it can begin to cater to the traditional community of video gamers. In other words, the gamers who’re not primarily motivated by the chance to make money, but rather by having fun. According to Statista, that’s more than 66% of regular games players. 

subtle guild
Image via Axie Infinity

The presently limited selection of P2E games simply doesn’t appeal to those users. Traditional video games offer a far superior selection of more enjoyable games, with better graphics, richer storylines, and more genres to choose from. An immersive sandbox game like Grand Theft Auto allows players to completely immerse themselves in an alternative world, providing a genuine escape from the drudgery of their real existence, where they can become the hero with all of the money, the girls, and the glory. P2E games simply cannot compare. 

Cronos Play can help bridge the gap between the two communities

This is what Cronos intends to change as they launched Cronos Play, giving developers the tools they need to make more realistic, enjoyable games that can tap into the unique capabilities of blockchain and crypto. To that end, Cronos Play has already announced a key integration with the ChainSafe Gaming SDK, web3.unity, which is an open-source software development kit for mobile, web, and desktop games built with the Unity engine. 

The beauty of web3.unity is it gives Unity game developers an easy way to integrate essential P2E features such as crypto and NFTs with their games. The keyword here is easy, as it means developers can instead focus on what they do best, building more compelling and fun games with immersive storylines and rich, lifelike graphics that will appeal to the much larger core of gamers who just want to be entertained. 

The launch of Cronos Play and its integration with ChainSafe’s web3.unity may well have gone under the radar, but the coming deluge of exciting, immersive, enthralling P2E gaming experiences it promises to unleash will do anything but. 

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