Crypto Golf Impact: NEOWIZ launches its first Play-to-Earn mobile game

Boost your performance in the game as well as your Crystal earnings!

Neowiz, a first-generation multi-platform development, and online publishing game giant based in South Korea has announced that it’s very first Play-to-Earn (P2E) title Crypto Golf Impact is now available from its GameFi lineup, on App Store and Google Play Store.

Neowiz Holdings has teamed with its sister firm, Neoply (a blockchain subsidiary of Neowiz Holdings), to deliver the world’s first mobile, P2E golf application to the blockchain gaming market, powered by the NEOPIN blockchain platform. Crypto Golf Impact is also planning to include NFT features in their update pipelines, allowing users to purchase NFTs with S2 Tokens to improve their game performance and Crystal earnings.

Starting with Crypto Golf Impact, NEOWIZ joins the mainstream GameFi industry and establishes the benchmark

Crypto Golf Impact is a reimagining of the popular ‘Golf Impact’ game, which has been seamlessly combined with NEOPIN blockchain technology to provide both a standard mobile gaming experience and blockchain functionality.

Crypto Golf Impact available
Image via NEOWIZ

Due to its recent $150,000 airdrop campaign, Crypto Golf Impact has gone viral in recent weeks. To commemorate the occasion, the CGI team has given all users who pre-registered for the launch $10 in Crystals (which can be changed into the game’s native S2 coin).

The back-to-back airdrop campaign has piqued the interest of the worldwide blockchain gaming community, as it is the world’s first mobile, play-to-earn golf game available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

This game will be revolutionizing mobile golf applications 

The game includes a variety of playable material, the most notable of which is its PvP function, which allows users to compete against other players from across the world in real-time. However, what distinguishes Crypto Golf Impact from its competitors is that players who have purchased a ‘Crypto Pass,’ an in-app purchase, can earn Crystals by completing daily assignments. (Players can also use their Crystals to acquire a ‘Sponsor Contract,’ which will increase their daily Crystal profits.)

While Crystals can be spent in the game, they can also be converted into S2 Tokens, Crypto Golf Impact’s native game token, via the NEOPIN wallet. S2 Token can also be exchanged for Neopin Token (NPT), which is a governance token for the NEOPIN blockchain network.

Players can now earn Crystals by completing daily objectives, but the development team has announced that Championship content will be released soon, incentivizing high-level users to climb the ranking ladder in order to get additional Crystals from the game.

With the previous airdrop campaigns, the Crypto Golf Impact team has also revealed that when the game reaches 250,000 downloads, they will airdrop an additional $10 USD equivalent in ‘Crystals,’ an in-game currency that can be converted to S2 Token.

Are you excited about Crypto Golf Impact being officially available on Android and iOS? Let us know in the comment section below! 

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