Dadish 2: The Radish-based Platformer sequel is now available on Android and iOS devices

Another new indie game is in town!

Dadish was one of the best action games that arrived on the mobile platform in 2020. And now much to the delight of many players Dadish 2 is now available on both Android and iOS. Dadish 2 is developed by Thomas Young, the Indie developer who you might also recall from the Super Fowlst series.

Gameplay Overview

Just like its predecessor, Dadish 2 is a platformer that brings the return of everybody’s favorite radish and his myriad of sassy little children. This time around, those rascal kids show up at Dadish’s work for an impromptu Bring Your Kids to Work Day and naturally things get out of hand and the kids end up needing rescuing once again.

Dadish 2 available

The game consists of 50 levels where you’ll have to make your way through and try to rescue Dadish’s usually rude and often ungrateful kids. This quest will foresee you stumble upon various dangers such as, dodging hazards, pushing blocks on to buttons, and taking keys to unlock any door that gets in your way. Moreover, you can anticipate and expect the super mean fast-food themed villains to make an appearance once more, with henchmen and five other bosses to fight.

Dadish 2 available

Hamburgers, Donuts, Portions of fries patrol several stages, causing your mission even more difficult. However, there are times when you might be able to use them to your advantage, with several stages featuring a gigantic burger that you can ride.

Where can you download Dadish 2?

Dadish 2 also comes with controller support. This is a great inclusion for players who aren’t fans of using touchscreen controls in certain aspects of a game. Dadish 2 is now available globally, where interested people can download the game on Android and iOS devices. It is a free to play game with few in-app purchases.

What is your opinion now that Dadish 2 is now available for Android and iOS? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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