Dawn Awakening: Tencent’s new survival game is starting closed beta on September 16 in China

A new open-world survival game is here!

Welcome to a land of dawn awakening. Roam abandoned cities, scavenge, and retrieve items, hunt in the wild, drive different carriers across the continent, and look for a reliable shelter as well as cooperate with your partners in order to survive. Dawn awakening is one of the more realistic and open-world survival upcoming games to land on mobile. The game was created by popular game developers Lightspeed & Quantum Studios of Tencent. The game will open on September 16, although Dawn Awakening is only available for closed beta in China currently.

Gameplay Overview

Made with the highly commendable Unreal Engine 4, the game offers an unbelievably realistic open world for players to explore. Players can experience the feel of the rain, shade, snow, lightning, fire burning, explosions, and various other aspects in the game.

The game sets a dozen survival metrics, and players will need to keep a close watch on their hunger, energy, health, and hydration level. The game’s real-time environmental changes will greatly influence human metrics. And like every survival game out there, players will have to explore the area, learn to make tools, craft weapons, build a sanctuary or shelter, find other survivors, and most importantly they must survive.

Define your own style of survival

These survival indicators include Hunger, thirst, energy, and many more. They form a sort of survival mechanism, which combines several player behaviors. When there is a shortage of water, the indicator will tell the player to find water, and so on. However, players may not be able to concentrate fully on these indicators as the world is filled with dangers and you would have to remain vigilant at all times. And when your health becomes low while you’re under attack, it would be difficult to replenish your health while fighting at the same time.

Dawn Awakening closed beta

Another interesting indicator is your hygiene. If you don’t clean your body for a long time, it starts to smell, and the bad odor will attract monsters. Dirty clothes will often cause some NPC’s to throw up. Minor exercise can change your size as well. All these indicators and tiny details should be given broad attention when playing the game. Sometimes even when you have all the necessary tools and equipment to survive, you’ll need someone to watch your back sometimes. Players can indulge in campfires or form a survival team with other players. They can even compete in PVP ranking matches, PVE challenges, and explore the open world with friends.

In the open-world, players can experience the diverse landscapes and weather conditions

Players can drive different vehicles in search of supplies or run away from an enemy. You can also use these vehicles to hunt for meat, wool, and other materials you’ll need. At the same time, you can discover and unlock several cooking recipes by eating to replenish lost energy. You can define a ton of survival methods that you can use to stay alive. Making the survival experience not only rich but realistic too.

Dawn Awakening closed beta

Over 40 species are designed to align an immersive and realistic environment. These are based on the core principles of natural competition and ecological cycles. And then there are extreme weather conditions like acid rain and sandstorms. All these situations will almost make it seem like an impossible quest for survival.

Players will have an arsenal of weapons to choose from

Players will face attacks from monsters, mutants, and other evil forces that want to see you dead. You will have to be highly proficient in making use of any type of gun you stumble upon, as the accuracy of marksmanship is essential for your survival.

Additionally, the game has a high number of tactical props, these include foam bombs, grenades, oxidized bombs, and many others. Players will also get the opportunity to use heavy firearms like the Gatling gun to defeat enemies and stand out from the crowd.

You can now customize your own estate in the open-world

In a survival game, you can’t keep wandering around in a dangerous world, as you will gas out easily. Therefore you’ll need a warm place to lay low and get some sleep. You can choose any location you want and settle. Build a house with a mountain view, waterfall, or a beautiful view of the sea.

Dawn Awakening closed beta site

Once your house is built, you are at the liberty of decorating it however you want. Players can freely decorate their gardens. So when you’ve gone out to scavenge and hunt in the wild, or when a terrible sandstorm hits, you’ll always have a safe haven to run back to.

When is Dawn Awakening arriving

Dawn Awakening is going to be live on September 16, and it’s going to be a closed beta test. With the development of Tencent’s recent survival game, Code: Live, being terminated developers have given their full attention to developing this new game. This game is entirely new in design, and is certainly different from Code: Live.

The CBT is only available in China, and players outside China may not be able to sign up for it this time. But we will be updating you on everything regarding the development and release of the game so stay tuned for further updates!

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