Dead by Daylight Mobile has been removed from the Google Play Store and App Store in India

The no blood gameplay dilemma!

Dead by Daylight Mobile has announced that the game will be removed from all storefronts in India including Google Play Store and App Store. This is to comply with the interim order issued by India’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. The order issued was mainly focused on the “no-blood gameplay” the developers should offer if they want the games to be distributed in the country.

Dead by Daylight Mobile might come up with alternate solutions soon

Behaviour Interactive and NetEase Games Dead by Daylight Mobile has been a popular action title around the world ever since its release, including in India. However, the recent announcement implies that Indian players will be unable to play the title until further notice.

Fans of the game should not be concerned because the game will undoubtedly provide alternate solutions to the current issue. This will be addressed first with the change in blood color, followed by other aspects of the game that may violate the rules imposed by the Government of India.

Without any surprise, this isn’t the first game that had to deal with the no-blood gameplay condition. Popular Battle Royale BGMI since its initial ban had to follow suit, but it gave the option to the players to change the color from the settings, and not come with different blood and kill animation by default.

Training Mode comes to Dead by Daylight Mobile
Image via NetEase

While BGMI is set to return to the country for a limited time, one of the main requirements for the return is no-blood gameplay. In the same way, Dead by Daylight Mobile will have to see the alternatives and plan things out. The Government is strict with these rules, and we can expect other games to implement these changes soon.

What is your opinion on the Dead by Daylight Mobile being removed from the Google Play Store and App Store in India? Let us know in the comment section below! 

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Md.Parvez Ahamed

I think Indian government has gone mad at great extent. So, they are imposing such anti-game rules. It will be a joke to see horror multiplayer games like Dead by Daylight without blood. And, seeing the Government imposing such rules, maybe we will hear very soon that they are blocking crime shows like CID, Crime Patrol just to reduce violence and for no blood television 😂😂😂


Ask Daya (from CID) to search for the real reason. 😀

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