Defense Derby introduces the Plaguemancer unit, with new modes and more in the latest update

New modes are available for a limited period!

RisingWings, a subsidiary of KRAFTON, has revealed the Plaguemancer unit in the first update for their mobile game, Defense Derby, a real-time strategy defense game, is currently available.

Join the Derby Brawl Madness with the powerful Plaguemancer Unit in Defense Derby

The update introduces a new unit, known as the Plaguemancer, who belongs to the beast faction and possesses magical abilities. The Plaguemancer boasts a unique skill called Plague Time, enabling them to infect their adversaries. The damage caused by this infection, through the Plague Time skill, grows in direct proportion to the Plaguemancer’s attack strength, making them progressively more formidable as they gain experience.

To commemorate the launch of this novel unit, a fresh game mode called “Derby Brawl – Plaguemancer Mirror Match” has been incorporated. In this mode, all participants commence the game with an identical deck that includes the Plaguemancer. This mode will remain accessible until September 14, 2023.

Shuffle the deck, embrace the challenge in Defense Derby Random Hero Mode

A new Themed Mode, known as Random Hero Mode, has been introduced as well. In this particular mode, gamers construct their decks using units, artifacts, and castle skins, and the selection of the hero is completely randomized once the battle commences. This grants players the opportunity to relish the distinctive experience of scouting and constructing their deck, strategically aligning it with the hero randomly assigned to them. Random Hero Mode is set to be accessible between September 15 and September 28, 2023.

Curing Swamp Season kicks off with exciting updates in Defense Derby

With the advent of the Curing Swamp season, the Season Check-in, Shop of Blessings, and Lucky Draw have undergone revisions. Individuals logging into the game are eligible to acquire 1,000 Cubics, 24 hours of Gold, and 24 hours of Elixir. Depending on their consecutive days of logging in, they have the opportunity to accumulate diverse rewards including Crystals, Plaguemancer Emotes, and, for a 7-day consecutive login, a Rare Plaguemancer card. The Plaguemancer card can also be obtained through the Shop of Blessings and the Lucky Draw.

In addition to the new unit and modes, the following updates have been made:

  • Added Unique Faction Bonus to the Derby Mode
  • Balanced adjustments between factions
  • Adjusted deck switching costs
  • Changed weekly quest rewards to Gems
  • Adjusted the grade and level setting for player balancing in Friendly Derby

Additional details about the latest Plaguemancer update in Defense Derby can be found on the official website.

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