Defense Derby June 2024 update brings new units, events, and more

Introducing Martial Tiger, a new physical-type unit

RisingWings, a subsidiary of KRAFTON, Inc., has recently announced its June 2024 update for Defense Derby, the widely acclaimed real-time PvP tower defense mobile game. This update promises to enhance gameplay with the addition of new units and special events, aiming to enrich the player experience significantly.

New Units and Abilities in Defense Derby’s Latest Update

The Defense Derby June 2024 update brings exciting new developments to the game, starting with the introduction of the Martial Tiger. This new physical-type unit from the beast faction specializes in close-range area damage and boasts two unique abilities: Taeguk and Roar of the Lion. Taeguk increases the unit’s critical damage, which, upon reaching a certain threshold, activates Roar of the Lion.

This powerful ability terrifies all monsters in the player’s lane for 1.5 seconds and resets the accumulated critical damage. Players can acquire the Martial Tiger through the Martial Tiger Event, Featured Summon, and Step Up Pack. Additionally, from June 1 to June 3, players can engage in the Derby Brawl – Martial Tiger Mirror Match to earn Beast Crystals based on their rankings.

On June 13, the update continues with the introduction of the Hammer Sprite, a new unit from the spirit faction. The Hammer Sprite comes equipped with the special ability Gold Appears, which enhances both the attack power and speed of herself and the hero at the start of each wave. Due to her wave-clearing prowess, it is advisable to position her near the front of the castle. The Derby Brawl – Hammer Sprite Mirror Match will feature this new unit from June 15 to June 17, providing players with another opportunity to test their strategic skills.

Special Events and Rewards

The Defense Derby June 2024 update is not just about new units but also includes various special events that offer valuable rewards. The Duo Play Event, running until June 27, allows players to earn items such as the Mirage of the Desert, Harun Palace Castle Skin, Duo Entries, Gems, Elixir and Featured Summon Tickets by completing missions in the two-player cooperative mode, Duo Mode.

Additionally, the Returning Guardian Missions cater to players returning after a hiatus, offering them a chance to earn Eternal Hearts. These hearts can be exchanged for rewards like Miraculous Summon Tickets, Legendary Unit Selections, and Gold, ensuring that even returning players can catch up quickly.

With these updates, Defense Derby continues to offer an engaging and dynamic gaming experience, keeping players both old and new invested in the evolving challenges of the game. Read more articles about Defense Derby:

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