Defense Derby, the real-time strategy mobile game by Krafton is now available on Android and iOS

Welcome the new era of Tower Defense Gaming

RisingWings, an autonomous studio operating under the umbrella of Krafton, Inc., has recently introduced Defense Derby, a real-time strategy mobile game that breathes new life into the tower defense genre in the Indian gaming market. Expanding its reach beyond India, the game is now available in more than 190 countries, allowing players worldwide to access and download it from major platforms like Google Play, Apple’s App Store, and Samsung’s Galaxy Store.

In Defense Derby, the tower defense genre is reinvigorated through thrilling 4-player PvP battles, complex strategic trials, heightened psychological tactics, and dynamic synergy effects. The game centers around a fresh concept where participants engage in an exciting scouting stage, engaging in fierce bidding wars to acquire units and construct their formidable teams. Once their units are skillfully deployed within their strongholds, players must defend against relentless waves of monsters, all vying to be the sole survivor in the end.

Defense Derby unleashes diverse game modes to elevate the gaming adventure

Defense Derby offers a variety of game modes, aiming to enhance the gaming experience of its players. The core Derby Mode enables players to engage in Player versus Player (PvP) battles, while the Blitz Mode provides PvE challenges. Within the Valley of Trials, a distinctive test awaits, compelling players to overcome obstacles using only a restricted selection of units.

Defense Derby Global release
Defense Derby Global release

By creating rooms through Friendly Derby, players can challenge their friends to combat. Additionally, Themed Mode periodically introduces rule shifts, but this option is only available for a limited time. Exciting updates on the horizon include the Ban Pick Mode, granting players the ability to prevent specific opponent units from being used, and the Quest Mode, where survival and completion of specific objectives lead to victory.

Legendary rewards are up for grabs in Defense Derby’s launch events

In celebration of Defense Derby’s official release, KRAFTON and RisingWings came together to organize an assortment of thrilling in-game events. A Welcome Package filled with enticing bonuses, such as 20,000 Gold, a Rare Hero card, a Rare Unit card, and a Special Castle Skin, awaits every player.

We’re thrilled to finally bring Defense Derby, two years in the making, to players across India. Our commitment is to ensure players have a delightful gaming experience, enriched with diverse content. We are dedicated to introducing regular updates and exciting new content keeping in line with the needs and feedback of our fans

Sinchan Park, Production Director for Defense Derby at RisingWings

Additionally, players have the opportunity to acquire a variety of rewards, including Legendary Unit cards, Rare Unit cards, Cubics, Gold, and other exciting prizes, by taking part in various in-game events such as the Login Event, Lucky Draw, and Event Store. Players can now download the game from Google Play, Apple’s App Store, and Samsung’s Galaxy Store.

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