Devolver Digital announced the upcoming release of Devolver Tumble Time

Indie game developer's first foray into Mobile Games

Last month, Devolver Digital, the publisher of games like Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout and Hotline Miami promised to publish two new mobile games this year and now, they’ve officially announced one of them in a tweet along with a trailer for the game. The game is titled Devolver Tumble Time and players can play the game for free later this year after release, however, the date is unannounced.

Gameplay Overview

Devolver Tumble Time looks like a parody of the low-quality cash grabs. They have tainted the image of mobile gaming as a whole. Even their trailer mocks those games, their advertisements, and their monetization model. The latter is a little ironic since Devolver’s own very popular game – Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout has micro-transactions.

But Devolver did say that the two games it has in store for mobile would be “weird”. And also their trailer is way better than other such mobile games which Devolver is parodying so that’s something. The developer of the game @formerkelly has said that the game is real and is going to be weirder than we might expect.

Features to look forward to

Coming to the game itself, Devolver Tumble Time is a physics-based puzzle game that will be released for free this year. However, this comes with ads and in-app purchases. It is being developed by nopopofun, a mobile game development studio that has worked on very simplistic games for iOS.

Devolver Tumble Time too looks like it might have that low-effort look to it as well like their other games. They (nopopofun) have included advertisements in their previous games which some players pointed out and disliked. To note, none of their games has been ready for the Play Store yet. So the game not coming to android is a possibility unless Devolver decides to make it available on both platforms which most probably would be the case.

There’s a website for the game as well and players can pre-register there and play a little mini-game.

Final thoughts

At the end of the day, Devolver promised a weird game and that’s what it looks like. Could they have worked on a better game and actually gone into this thinking they were going to work on an enjoyable experience for players? Maybe.

But they’ve done things like this before for what some might call meme value. It could even be possible that if bad low-quality games didn’t exist with their clickbaity advertisements and bad monetization policies, Devolver Digital could have published a game with a more serious vibe to it That being said, this is all there has been announced for the game so far and Devolver Tumble Time will release later this year for free. 

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