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Diablo Immortal players continue facing bugs in the game losing millions of XPs

Fans continue to face bugs in the Battle pass section of Diablo Immortal!

Despite a Hotfix initiated just one day back by Blizzard Entertainment, Diablo Immortal players continue to experience bugs in the game and now the players are losing millions of XP because of bugs within the Battle Pass section. The players of Diablo Immortal are currently having trouble with the in-game battle pass where they can see they are gradually earning experience by seeing the in-game animations, yet the experience bar is not increasing.

Diablo Immortal players took themselves to Reddit and reported about the bugs

The players have reportedly told about the glitch that has been for one month now even after the hotfix initiated by the Blizzard team regarding addressing the issue which essentially failed.

As mentioned in a community post, “Blizzard is aware of the ongoing issue happening in the game and they have initiated a hotfix regarding it. The team will be calculated through each user’s lost XP that is affected by the bug and the XP will be delivered to each user once we go through the data.”

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Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Just a few hours after the hotfix was initiated, players have again experienced the same issue, that a bug is essentially affecting the battle pass section and which is why they are losing XP rewards in Diablo Immortal.

Posts on Reddit by Diablo Immortal players show to what extent they are pissed off and frustrated about the bugs happening in the game’s battle pass. Some players have said that they are not experiencing any rewards while some say that they have missed out on 5 million XPs till now.

Already the game has been facing criticisms regarding the pay-to-win system and microtransactions, criticisms are sure to increase because of this battle pass bug. Blizzard has been taking care of this issue on a serious note as they care about their fanbase and ensure that Diablo Immortal runs smoothly in the upcoming future.

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