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Disney Mirrorverse 3.1 update brings new Events, Guardians and more

Disney Mirrorverse is Kabam’s latest attempt at a real-time combat RPG set in the Disney Universe with a bunch of characters from some of Disney and Pixar’s biggest hits. With the onset of the month of January 2023, the developers have introduced the 3.1 Update to Disney Mirrorverse.

Disney Mirrorverse 3.1 update: Key Highlights

Master Difficulty changes

Although the Guardians may be strong, the Fractured are prepared to push their strength to the limit. In Event Quests: Master Difficulty, take on a new level of difficulty! All encounter buffs are disabled, and all opponents are stronger overall. Bring your Guardians together to take on this challenge and survive these formidable opponents! The Scarlet Skies Campaign, which begins on January 17, will be the first occasion to offer tasks with this new level of complexity.

Blood Moon Showdown Quest

The Blood Moon Showdown, a brand-new kind of event quest, is coming to The Mirrorverse! Players are limited to bringing in one Guardian at a time to combat adversaries who exclusively employ Heavy and Special Attacks.

As a result of your opponents’ strikes being significantly more lethal than usual, winning each combat depends on timing your dodges. These are short, brutal battles that honor good play. Test your mettle, make it through the Blood Moon, and profit! On January 22, the inaugural Blood Moon Showdown event will start.

Image via Kabam Games

Dangerous Dungeon Updates

  • Updated the maximum inventory from 10 to 15 of each of the following Dungeons consumables: Magical Maps, Dowsing Wands, T1 Invisibility Scrolls, and T2 Invisibility Scrolls.
  • Fixed an issue where if a Dungeon event has expired, but players had no points on the leaderboard, the leaderboards button will not appear.

Rift Raids Updates

Beginning the week of January 19, the Rift Raids shop will be open. To allow all Alliances equal access through the store regardless of when their particular raids begin, the store will be open from Fridays at 18:00 UTC to Sundays at 18:00 UTC. The Stardust Tab of the main store menu contains a link to the Rift Raids store.

Rift Potions of all types, including new T3 Rift Potions, will be available for purchase in the store, along with a FREE Rift Potion every four hours. Similar to the Bazaar, you can replenish the entire store’s supply by pressing the Refresh Button. Remember to use your Rift Potions because they will be removed from your inventory at the conclusion of each Rift Raid event.

  • The Rift Raids event timer duration is more accurate.
  • Fixed an issue where the Rift Potion Health bonus was not properly displaying on health bars.
disney mirrorverse gameplay
Image via Kabam Games

Guardian Updates

Captain Hook

  • Core Ability – Removed “enemy without Armor or Lure” requirement to apply Captain’s Mark, Captain’s Mark is now applied by hitting an enemy with a Heavy Attack.
  • Core Ability – Captain Hook no longer gains an Attack Buff against his marked target.
  • Core Ability – Marked targets now receive a -10% Attack Debuff while they are marked, regardless of how many people are attacking the marked target.
  • Core Ability – When a marked target is defeated Captain hook gains a 10% Attack Buff until the end of the encounter up to 10 stacks.
  • Special Ability – Base damage increased from 300% to 400%.
  • Special Ability – Permanent Buffs moved to Core Ability.
  • Signature Ability – Purges may now be triggered by Special Ability hits as well as Basic Attacks. Reworded text to more explicitly explain ramping Purge chance.
  • Talent, Durable Doublet – Renamed to Peerless.
  • Talent, Peerless – New functionality: Gain a Focus Buff when defeating marked enemies.
  • Talent, Overboard – New functionality: Chance on Basic and Special Critical Hits to Stun marked enemies.

Updates and Improvements

  • Pressing and holding the “+” or “-” button on various screens in the game will now allow you to quickly adjust the slider without having to manually tap the button. This affects the following features: Auto Victory, Guardian Level Up, and Guardian Signature Ability Level Up.
  • Fixed an issue with sorting on Alliance Contributions screens.
  • Bug fixes, performance optimizations, and grammar fixes.

That’s it for the 3.1 Update in Disney Mirrorverse!

Did you find our Disney Mirrorverse 3.1 update helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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